LG, from everything to nothing: how can a brand be so easily forgotten?

September 2018. Does anyone remember LG? No one? What has happened so that what was once a true telephony giant is disappearing so drastically? What has been the reason for the failure of LG?

If you have always been a big fan of the brand, we invite you today to join us on our melancholy visit to the past. Today We are going to analyze the fall of one of the brands with the most history in Android: LG.

Why LG has failed and no longer sells like before

As always, to understand the failure of LG, we must first go back to the times when the Koreans were the true leader of the high range. You may not remember them, and it is that we go back to August 7, 2013, when the LG G2 was released in New York. The gates of heaven were opening for LG.

LG G2 and LG G3: couldn’t they all have been like this?

Try to remember an LG mobile without deficiencies. Impossible, right? However, there was a time when LG’s top of the range set the market trend. and this it started with the launch of the LG G2.

Until then, high-end mobiles faltered in some of their sections. The round mobile we can talk about was the LG G2. With the most powerful on the market, a camera that measured up (for the time we were in) and, above all, a battery that finally lasted us all day, it triumphed like no other. In fact, it still has a place in the hearts of all of us.

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This hot streak continued with its successor, the LG G3. Emulating an aluminum design that did not go beyond a mere mirage and with the best features of the moment, it swept away thanks to a very, very contained price. Not even the more than serious problems of overheating (here a server reached 78 degrees, neither more nor less) were able to end its good reputation.

The mid-range has not been helpful, precisely

We could get lost in LG’s mid-range catalog as if it were an Ikea. LG Bello, Fino, LG G4C, LG G5 SE… the list is endless. LG was ready to conquer the mid-range no matter what.

However, with them they achieved precisely the opposite. And it is that either because of the price (they were not characterized by being cheap, let’s say) or because they were left with very diminished characteristics compared to the competition and the rest of the mid-range, they could not succeed.

But far from giving up trying, the guys at LG have kept tripping over the same stone over and over again. You just have to see the specifications of the LG Q7, which nothing they can do to justify the more than 300 euros that it is worth. Of course, it is not the path they should follow, and that is why Koreans are in this situation today.

LG G5: the turning point where everything went wrong

After the success of its predecessors, the LG G4 went through the market without pain or glory. And it is that the wise decision to incorporate the SD808 instead of the SD810 to prevent our hands from suffering all kinds of burns seemed to relegate him to the background from which it was difficult for him to get out.

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Nevertheless, the decline came with the LG G5. And no wonder. Her camera was leaking all over the place, with a totally different understanding of the double camera. But not everything stayed there. A screen with a meaningless curve, an infumable customization layer and a battery that was disastrous they didn’t help. It caused us users to lose the little interest in the brand that we had left after the G4.

We could have expected a good change, but this did not improve with the LG G6. Despite being significantly updated in favor of what the market was asking for, its short battery and lack of portrait mode played against it again and made it one of the most unpopular high-end models, despite multiple price drops.

After this, the industry’s disinterest in the LG G7 is understood. One of the most undervalued flagships on the scene, which although it has a lot to offer, does not have a large audience to offer it to. Is it because of its price or its specs? Nothing is further from reality, quite the opposite. The fault is none other than LG, and the decisions that have weighed it down in recent years.

Will it get up at some point or like Motorola and HTC is LG destined to disappear?