Lenovo will launch a giant 18-inch tablet

The Tablet market has changed a lot in recent years. We have gone from a market in which 7-inch tablets were dominated (I still don’t understand why) to seeing devices on the street that can replace the PC.

Yes, we like the latter more and it is that tablets like the Cube iWork 10 that is now on sale for 150 euros (in the review you have the specific purchase link to get the best price) allow us to directly replace our PC. There are also more risky and expensive bets like the Samsung Galaxy View, an 18.4-inch tablet that aims to replace the PC or our TV, being an all-in-one perfect to take everywhere. Lenovo seems that now it will also make the leap to giant tablets just like Alcatel.

Lenovo works on an 18.4-inch tablet

At the moment the Chinese company, in charge of manufacturing the next Moto G, has not confirmed anything officially but in GFX Bench a benchmark has been leaked that allows us to obtain the possible specifications of the tablet.

  • Screen of 18.4 inches with resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels.
  • Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 652, a processor that has proven to be up to the challenge of competing with high-end processors.
  • 4GB of RAM memory.
  • Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow out of the box in a Google edition, that is, a native Android.

The truth is that the Google Edition tells us that it will take stock android and it could be the result of the good relationship that Motorola has had with Google since the past.

The best and most interesting thing is that this time it seems that I would mount a 8 MP front camera and a rear camera of only 0.3 MP, It was about time someone broke the concepts of photography in an almost 20-inch tablet, I don’t think anyone would take it on a trip to take photos like the Chinese do with their iPads.

At the moment these are all the data we have on the possible lenovo giant tablet. Do you like giant tablets? We’d like to see, if it does come out, if it launches as a Lenovo or it’s going to be a Moto Tablet or something, they would sell more.