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“Launch OnePlus 9T Cancelled”

“Launch OnePlus 9T Cancelled”

According to the latest rumors, OnePlus is not planning to launch the OnePlus 9T this year. The cancellation would have to do with the worldwide shortage of chips, which means that not enough smartphones can be made.

Since 2016, OnePlus has been releasing a flagship smartphone every year in both the spring and autumn. That will not be the case this year. According to the well-known rumor spreader Max Jambor, there will be no OnePlus 9T this year. There are two possible reasons for this decision.

The global chip shortage seems the most likely reason for the cancellation of the OnePlus 9T. Because chip manufacturers have stopped production during the pandemic, almost all smartphone manufacturers are facing problems. Now that production is starting up again, various manufacturers are ordering extra chips to end the shortages. Because of this, some manufacturers still do not have enough chips.

Another, less likely option is that OnePlus wants to skip the OnePlus 9T to avoid having too few differences between the new models. By waiting, OnePlus can ensure that the OnePlus 10 is a clear upgrade compared to its predecessor.

Even though Jambor is a reliable and well-informed source, the original release date of the OnePlus 9T is still a long way off. It may be that OnePlus will come up with a solution before then to still launch the OnePlus 9T.