Konami will pay 1 million dollars to Maradona for PES

After several months of lawsuits, rumors, threats and news, it finally seems that the confrontation between Maradona and Konami for your rights in Pro Evolution Soccer, has come to an end. It turns out that the Argentine football crack is going to bag one million dollars from the developer japanese for the use of your image in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, and also in the version of 2019. In addition, your rights to the version of PES 2017.

Konami thus ends several months of threats and denunciations by the former Argentine footballer.

Thus, Maradona has officially announced through its page Facebook the agreement with Konami reached for the use of its image in the popular soccer saga:

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I want to tell you that finally, after several meetings, I reached an agreement with the video game company Konami. They put up their faces and we were able to fix things. I had made a promise and I will keep it. That is why I am going to collaborate with amateur sports in the city of Tandil, in Buenos Aires. Thanks to Matías Morla and Mauricio D’Alessandro for their great work. Greetings to all!

We already wanted this confrontation will come to an end, although we do not know if this figure will pay very well to Konami, solely for the rights single player.

What do you think? Is it a fair figure?

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