Know the best tricks of Crash Bandicoot On the Run

Of wanting to overcome all the levels, in Crash Bandicoot On the Run You must follow some small guidelines, especially if you want to get to 100% of this delivery. To take advantage of this, the best thing is that you do a review from the beginning to the end in this installment of Crash Bandicoot released for the Android and iOS platform.

Know the best tricks of Crash Bandicoot On the Run, video game that can be played on mobile phones, tablets and also for a long time on PC thanks to emulators. On PC, you need some minimum requirements that the application will require, especially so that it runs smoothly.

Each island is a world full of missions, many of them are complicated, but you will have to overcome any of the adversities. Crash Bandicoot On the Run immerses you in an exciting world and you have to use Nitro lab with its materials to produce and keep it always busy.

Nitro Laboratory, your best ally

One of the aspects that attract special attention in Crash Bandicoot On the Run is the Nitro laboratory. The production of materials goes through the laboratory, so you must produce everything you want during the game’s missions. It will take some effort, but going through the lab is vital.

It is best to leave long tasks for those times when you can not play a reasonable time, since they are much longer missions. The most complex missions, known as longhave a duration time that will be between 5 to 10 minutes, depending on what mission it is.

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Always try to go through the Nitro laboratory, since it is important especially if you want to get the appropriate materials. In Crash Bandicoot On the Run everything goes through this and the missions, both main and secondary that you have to do.

Wear the right costume for each mission

Costumes are more than just a distinct appearance for each character. In Crash Bandicoot On the Run, the costume is important, since it will give a different bonus for each advance in the different maps. The bonuses are special, so try to pass the same stage multiple times in a different outfit.

The Apocalyptic Coco costume lets you start each mission with the Aku Aku mask, once you defeat the enemies you will receive Nitro at 40% and Frost Berries from boxes at 40%. Other suits have bonuses that will vary throughout the gameso it is convenient to use all of them.

It is more than important that you always wear the correct costume for that item you want to farm, some Crash Bandicoot On the Run costumes will let you start with the gold Aku Aku skin. The golden one will serve to advance in those complicated levels, helping to be able to complete complex phases.

If you use the Coco Apocalypse costume you will be able to start each screen with the Aku Aku mask, increasing the trophies you receive when defeating Nitro enemies by 40%. If you do it with other suits you will earn similar bonuses that improve the results when farming.

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Exhaust the collection missions

One of the things to complete in Crash Bandicoot On the Run is the collection missions.. The materials that you get are instrumental in order to enable the different activities of the base. With them you can produce explosives and you will not have access to various story missions.

The materials that you will obtain are limited on each island, the levels will give you the necessary ones to continue advancing in the story. Exhaust all materials on each island when looking to farmthis will make you take a prudent time for each of them, but it is important.

If you don’t collect them you will lose a lot, so don’t go fast for each one of the maps, take your time and with it advance without anything stopping you. Crash Bandicoot On the Run has many cheats, but first you have to complete the levels 100% in all their effects.

Collect power gems

Crash Bandicoot On the Run has many locked aspects, to unlock it, the important thing is to get hold of the power gems. In order to win gems you have to beat the final bosses of each island, try everything to defeat them and use your best weapons to do so.

To unlock everything that appears in the game you have to complete all the missions, to see all the islands you have to advance, production slots in the laboratory, tiki head and new trophy systems, among other things. You can not leave any mission, all are vital.

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It is essential that you complete all the gems, with them you are going to open everything, completely leaving the title of the Android platform that has triumphed so much. More than 10 million downloads endorse this prized title, which has an important graphic section and many complementary missions.

Manage time correctly

Time is your best ally in Crash Bandicoot On the Run. When you go to measure yourself against an enemy, defeat this one quickly and start the mission again. If you lose a lot of time you will not get what you were looking for, so it is best that you fight and win as soon as possible.

Sometimes if you have to collect something it is best to take the time you need, here time will play in your favor because you have to do something on the map. In Crash Bandicoot On the Run the best thing is to get all the gems and costumes you can.

Achievements are just as important as completing missions, the best thing is that you get to learn each island and not leave anything behind. In the game try to go as soon as you can if you want to be number one, since everything has its beginning and also its end, time.

Get the achievement rewards

If you complete each aspect of the game you will get rewards, all of them are so important that you can not leave any if you want to complete it 100%. If you want to level up quickly or get prizes, it is a point that you cannot miss, so get them.

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These prizes can be important, so the best thing is that with each progress you get many of them, especially the well-known rewards. Many players tend to leave this, but others play focused in getting everything to complete Crash Bandicoot On the Run in every way.

Play also on PC

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run has seen the light on Android and iOS only, but that’s not why you can’t play it on the preferred platform of many, the PC. BlueStacks is one of the platforms where it can be played by emulating this well-known video game created by the developer King.

BlueStacks is not the only emulator that can play it, there are several that also make it a reality, including MeMu, KOPlayer, BlissOS, among others. BlueStacks allows for a great experience by integrating various tools that make it different from other applications.

It can be played with the keyboard, as well as with a pad from any manufacturer recognized by the PC, either via Bluetooth or cable. It is best to have a good control systemespecially if you have a mouse and a keyboard suitable for gaming, which usually has a fairly tight price right now.