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King Arthur: Knight’s Tale – Turn-based strategy and knights?

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale – Turn-based strategy and knights?

King Arthur’s knights and turn-based strategy? What will come of this combination?

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is the new baby of Neocore Games. The production is aimed at new generation consoles, but also personal computers. However, we can expect the latter version only in 2021.

Thanks to information from Neocore Games, we can tell you more about the upcoming production. The plot is based on the Arthurian legend, and players are offered a game that will be a mix of turn-based strategy with RPG elements, where we will focus on our character.

The player has a small team of knights at his disposal, which he will be able to control during the fight. However, first he will have to choose them from among 30 characters, divided into 5 different categories.

In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, our task will also be to develop the knights of our round table. The difficulty appears quickly, however, because many of our actions will have to be planned before the battle, because his development and skills can tip the scales of victory to our advantage, and ill-considered moves, send the poor man to God’s presence sooner than the turn is over.

Wait, this is just the beginning of your adventure!

Each of our knights will have their own unique abilities, and their loyalty will depend on the decisions the player makes. Of course, you cannot forget to make sure that they have their own equipment, and this should be compatible with their abilities.

Also, don’t forget to rebuild Castle Camelot. When you develop it with new buildings. Your gameplay will become much easier, and this will help you control your knights.

Remember this is your legend. You play as Sir Mordred and this time you are not Arthur’s opponent, but you have a different, much more complex task. Well, you must discover the kingdom of Avalon, where you are faced with so many dangers.

Complete over 50 unique locations on the adventure map, including 20 story missions and various side quests, set in a variety of landscapes, from the dungeons of the dark castle to the forests.
Challenge 7 enemy factions, fight over 50 types of enemy units, defeat 10 amazing boss fights during your quests.