It’s official! Instagram TV wants you to stop using YouTube

A few days ago it was announced on different portals that Instagram was preparing a new service called IGTV. Many bet that it would be a feature that would be integrated into the application to offer users longer videos than they are used to watching.

These portals were not wrong, because today Instagram just officially announced the arrival of Instagram-TV. This is your new service for content creators, a more than risky move knowing that the leader in this segment is YouTube.

Instagram TV, what is this new service about?

As was mentioned a few days ago, the instagram social network confirm your initial plan for compete against Google’s video platform, Youtube. In this way, IGTV is presented as a vertical alternative. This is the content that is most consumed and that works best in the application.

This service will include a dedicated section called “Explore”. Therefore, it could be said that the videos will not interfere with the main feed of the users. There are three basic principles on which the Instagram TV service is based: service mobile only, easy and intuitiveand is focused so that any user can be a content creator.

Features of IGTV

According to what has been known so far, thanks to the official announcement, the characteristics that this new instagram service would be these:

  • It will be possible upload videos up to 1 hour long.
  • Instagram TV will be positioned as a standalone service and apart from the entire IG world. Well, it will not interfere with the users’ feed.
  • You will have the possibility of accessing a “featured” section of Instagram TV. The most popular videos of the social network will be located there.
  • The Featured videos they will be separated by region and country. This is done to increase the visibility of the videos of the content creators of each country.
  • IGTV videos will be monetizable. It is not yet known how, but Instagram would allow advertising to be placed in the middle of the videos so that the content creator can make a profit.

IGTV will arrive within the next few days via an update. It would be released together for Android and iOS. Unfortunately, we do not yet know the exact date when the service will be activated.