It is now possible to record your Android screen with these 3 apps

Today recording the screen of your mobile has become very simple due to the availability of applications that exist. However, many people do not know how to do it or are not sure if they have found the correct mechanism, here we recommend 3 apps that we have tried and have worked wonderfully for us when we record a gameplay or do tutorials.

It is ideal for people who are starting in the world of gameplays for Android games such as tutorials on how to level up in Clash of Clans without spending anything or people who want to make tutorials from their smartphone to help the public. Although that’s not all, you can record whatever you like on your mobile as conversations, applications, games and more. Of course, recording the screen of your Android has nothing to do with capturing the screen of it.

The 3 best apps you should download if you want to record your Android screen

with these apps you can make tutorial videos to upload to YouTube or share with friends. Without further ado, let’s get to know each application a little. We remember that you will not need anything to do it, just download the app and that’s it.

AZ Screen Recorder

This is an app that we can find it for free on Google Play, it is very easy to use and fulfills the task of recording the screen of our smartphone very well. As we have told you, we have tried all 3 and these are our impressions about it, first of all It is very understandable and it is difficult for you not to know how to use it.

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What does the application offer us? When you enter the application you will find on the left, the settings and there, you can configure it as you wish, you can even change the resolution of the video you will createyou can activate and deactivate the audio, show what you touch on the screen and you can also include a text or logo so they know you created the video.

In the center section we will find all the videos that we have recorded and on the right side, the captures that you have taken. How can we use it? It’s very simple, at the beginning the application explains how to use it. However, here we will tell you briefly.

  • You only have to open itthen a button will appear on the screen offering you various options.
  • If you wish record a videoyou will give the option that appears a camera and video (it is the one in the middle).
  • Then the app will start a countdown for you to get ready to record.
  • Once we have finished, we we have to go to the notification bar and stop the video, or if you want to pause it for a minute. You can too.
  • When the video is over, you can edit it but it does not have many tools, so if you want a simple and understandable application. AZ screen Recoder is your ideal application.

DU Recoder

This is our second option today and it is very similar to the previous one. This one has a floating side menu like the AZ Screen Recoder. In the internal part of the application we will not find 4 sections, from left to right we find the following; first of all we will have the gallery of all the videos that we have made, then we will go on to see the images that we have captured.

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Next, we will find a section for edit videos, merge videos, make GIFs, transfer files via WiFi, edit images and join imagesyes In the last section we will have the application settings and we will be able to change things such as the resolution of the videos, shake the phone to stop the recording, show the touches, watermarks and others. This is a very complete application.

How can we use it? To use DU Recoder you will have to do practically the same as we did with the previous application. But here we will tell you.

  • To the enter the application a floating menu will appear on the right side of the screen.
  • To record we will only have to click on the first option. That is, where does the red dot recording
  • There, the countdown will begin and you will start recording your video.
  • When you’ve done itfinished, you can stop it in the notification bar where the “Stop” option appears.
  • Once the video is done, you can rename it, edit it and so on.


This is ours last option today and in terms of operation and others, it looks like the previous two. It has some screenshots, record HD videos, it has design tools and you can even add music to the video. It should be noted that something we did not like was the application interfacesince it has a lot of advertising and is sometimes a bit annoying.

What does this application offer us? only has 3 sections and from left to right we find the following; in the first section we will have an advertising section, then we will go to its middle section where we will find the videos that we have recorded and finally, we will have all the settings of the application. There, we will find watermarks, sound storage location and others. How can we use it?

  • Upon entering the application, the floating circle.
  • To record we must hit the first option (where the camera appears).
  • Then the respective countdown will start and you will start making your screen recording.
  • To stop it, we must go to the notification bar and stop it.
  • Then in the gallery, we can edit the video as we wish and share it with whoever we want.
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That’s all for today, we hope that from now on all your tutorials do them with these apps, as they work great and are free. In addition, all 3 have the possibility of recording the audio, so you can talk while you explain a tutorial such as how to use facial recognition on any Android or whatever you want. What did you think?

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