Is Telegram more secure than WhatsApp?

It has always been said that Telegram is more secure than WhatsAppBut to what extent is all this true? In this article we will analyze it, and you may be surprised, because Telegram is not more secure than WhatsApp, at least not as much as you think. These messaging services have long been questioned about our privacy, and the truth is that we are giving away our private life. But do you know how to talk privately without anyone knowing? Discover that and much more below:

Is Telegram more secure than WhatsApp?

The powerful encryption of Telegram has always been talked about, but all systems are hackable, does that make Telegram more insecure? Not at all, but what happens is that in recent months many security specialists claim that Telegram encryption is buggy. Without going any further, Edward Snowden declared to be concerned about Telegram’s security protocols. What is happening then with this courier service?

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Is Telegram more secure than WhatsApp?

Telegram has two chats: that of the cloud (default) and secret chat. The messages we exchange in the cloud are encrypted with MTProto, which is typical of Telegram, and which is where the problem would be. And it is that the messages that we send in Telegram, are encrypted before sending to servers. So, where is the problem? That the server can decrypt the message and read it as plain text, so it is not a strong encryption, far from it.

Telegram shouldn’t store messages on the server (but it has to, and we’ll see why later). These messages cannot be accessible by the server, because it would be handling all our messages as it wanted, it could read them at any time.

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So why has Telegram decided to do it like this? Because you want the messages to be accessible on different platforms and devices (unlike the secret chat), hence the need to store the messages on the server, and then translate them into other platforms, otherwise everything we write on the mobile we could not see it on the PC. The only point in favor of Telegram is that it seems that the keys and the encrypted data would be stored in different CPDs.

Telegram’s secret chat is safe

Once again the security of Telegram is questioned. Is secret chat more secure? It is end-to-end encrypted, and the keys are stored by the users themselves. This means that they are totally safe, hence they are only available from the device on which it is started, and no way to sync it with more, for our safety.

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Is Telegram more secure than WhatsApp?

Conclusion: with all this, Telegram is not more secure than WhatsApp. This second uses end-to-end encryption for conversations between two users. Telegram would be more secure than WhatsApp using secret chatIf not, it is not. This means that, as a rule, both are equally safe, but Telegram offers us an extra security that WhatsApp has not yet decided to add.

So if you really want to talk privately, you will have to opt for the secret Telegram chatYou already know that you will lose everything with self-destruction, although you can always handle it to your liking.

What do you think of all this? Which messaging service from your point of view is more secure, Telegram or WhatsApp? Feel free to tell us if you think Telegram is more secure than WhatsApp. It is clear that with the secret chat option, they have taken a big step.

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