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Is it possible to kill Pou? Find out what can happen!

Is it possible to kill Pou? Find out what can happen!

Pou has become one of the most played Android games. This is due to its simple dynamics, considering that it also does not depend on a lot of mobile power to play it. Without a doubt, it is an excellent pet that we will enjoy taking care of and leveling up. Over time, players trying out absolutely every game mode, have developed a great doubt.

Is it possible to kill Pou? Many have tried and failed, and others mention that it can be done. For that reason, today we will get you out of doubt, and we will tell you if this is possible.

How can Pou be killed?

Maybe you’ve tried a lot of things, and it sure didn’t work none of the actions performed, such as:

And what happened when you did this? Absolutely nothing, which is why many people search the internet if this virtual pet can be killed. The truth is that it is impossible, At least for the moment. No player has managed to eliminate Pou, and the reason is that the game is not made to get rid of him.

Many say that Pou would be better if he were more realistic, that by mistreating him he would lower his level. Even, that by not giving him food, or taking care of him, he would die and could restart everything from level 0. But you have to take into account, that many of the players would not agreesince they would lose all their progress.

For that reason, the developers have never worked on let Pou die if careless. Also, many of the users would not be fully attentive to the phone with requests like “If you don’t enter the game now, Pou will die”.

Do not waste your time looking on sites how to kill Pou, because you will not get it. The only way to eliminate this creature is uninstalling the game, and restarting our user to start again. In this way, we would be seeing another Pou, and we will have killed the previous one.

We’ll see if over time, the developers decide to give players permission to kill Pou.

What do you think? How did you try to kill Pou?