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Ingress Prime, the first augmented reality game returns renewed

Ingress Prime, the first augmented reality game returns renewed

Before Pokémon Go achieved unprecedented success in mobile games, the company that developed it, Niantic, had already launched a game with augmented reality. We are talking about Income Primethe first game that featured the entire world as its setting.

History of the game Ingress Prime

If you are not one of the more than 8 million people who downloaded the game in its first release, we will explain a little about what Ingress is about.

physicists of CERN They have discovered on Earth a new type of energetic matter, which they call «Matter exotic” either XM. This energy has, among other things, the ability to control people.

That’s where they come in.”the shapers«, an alien race that promise to help humans to develop «Matter exotic«. This divides humans into two groups. «The illuminated» who want the aliens to collaborate with the development of energy and thus take humanity to a new level and «The resistance» who think that «Los Shapers» do not have good intentions.

Income Prime Target

Just as the story says Income Prime There are two opposing groups, so you must choose at the beginning of the game which of the two you belong to.

The object of the game as in Pokémon Go it is explore the real world with our smartphone and search “the portals» that are found in public points of interest in the city where you are to help your faction control all the «Exotic Matter».

What are the novelties that Ingress Prime brings us in 2018?

As we told you, Niantic has released Income Prime to replace the original Ingress. With the experience gained in Pokémon Go has developed refined mechanics, new abilities, and a redesigned user interface.

Niantic has ensured that there will be ingress events in the real world planned around the world throughout the year.

However, if you decide you prefer the original Ingress, Niantic going to run a client called “Ingress Classic”.

Don’t wait any longer and download the renewed Income Prime from the following link and leave us your comments about it.