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Ilife V5: a vacuum cleaner that cleans your house and not your pocket

Ilife V5: a vacuum cleaner that cleans your house and not your pocket

Most of the robot vacuum cleaners on the market are expensive and for many, even Xiaomi’s are out of price. It is true that 180 euros may be a lot for some pockets, but there are two vacuum cleaners that can do the same for less money.

If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that can clean your house efficiently, in a short time and correctly there is an option for you. The Ilife V5 is perfect because for a price close to 100 euros clean your house If you want a better result there is a version of 130 euros that cleans with water and get a better result.

Why is the Ilife V5 robot the one you should buy?

There are several reasons to do it and we want to summarize it in an easy way in 3 points.

It is cheap

No other vacuum cleaner at this price is as complete as this one. Has a lot of modes of cleaning (which guarantee the cleaning of your home in a short time and correctly) and also makes good use of the corners.

And yes, clean. It is not the classic vacuum cleaner that you buy and then have it sitting in a corner doing nothing. This vacuum cleaner clean your home efficiently and for much less money than any of those expensive 600 or 700 euros. It’s not noisy at all.

The two versions are very similar, the only “difference” is that the V5s is a little more powerful and also cleans with water but they have similar modes, controls, etc.

You can clean a house of up to 150 square meters without problem

The vacuum cleaner has several modes that allow us to clean our house without any problem. can clean your house 120 meters or 150 square meters in about 2 hours.

Of course, keep in mind that, like the more expensive ones, they increase their cleaning time if your house is full of obstacles. The best thing to clean with this type of robot is not to have too many hindrances on their way so they can get the job done fast.

It charges itself and doesn’t fall off.

The vacuum cleaner has autonomy of about 2 hours and is able to return to base to charge itself. In addition to that, it has a control that allows you to program the cleaning modes and the times to clean.

This vacuum cleaner is not one of those fools who fall down the stairs, it has sensors to prevent falls and as soon as you get home you can put it to work. It is very easy to use and achieves very good results.

Want one?

If you want to buy one, you should know that it is on sale at GearBest. For only 103 euros you can buy the Ilife V5. In case you prefer the Ilife V5S Pro you will have to pay 136 euros. Both are a very good option. If you can go to 130 euros, water helps us remove dirt that vacuum cleaners without this option cannot.