Huawei Watch GT and Huawei Band 3 Pro: new smart watches and bracelets ideal for athletes

Huawei has just presented two innovative products with good technology to offer its users. We are talking about Huawei Watch GT and the Huawei Band 3 Pro. A smartwatch and a smart bracelet clearly focused on physical activity. If you are an athlete, then they will be the perfect complement for you.

As he Huawei Watch GT and the Huawei Band 3 Pro they are two products made for their users to run and swim better. Without a doubt, well-used technology positively affects the evolution of an athlete.

Features of the Huawei Watch GT

  • AMOLED display 1.39 inches with a resolution of 454 x 545 pixels
  • Dimensions: 46.5 x 46.5 x 11.8mm WEIGHT 46g (without strap)
  • Operating system Wear OS 2.0
  • 16MB RAM memory
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 BLE, Micro USB, GPS, heart rate sensor
  • IP68 water resistance

According to Huawei, the smartwatch will have a “dual-chip” architecture that allows it to obtain “more than 80% in energy consumption savings”. In short, you will be able to spend quite a lot of time using it without it letting you die in the middle of the day.

The Huawei Watch Gt comes in two interesting versions:

  • Sport: It comes with a dark case and rubber straps for better performance during physical activity.
  • classical: its case is silver and the strap looks more like a traditional watch.

Both variants of the Huawei Watch GT have the presence of two buttons at the top and bottom of the right side. Of course, it does not have a central button like many other smart watches on the market.

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Huawei boasts the autonomy of the battery of its new watch. this can last two weeks with the heart rate sensor turned on and being active for 90 minutes a week. In addition, it is capable of withstanding up to 22 hours of continuous use in the motorization of the exercise or the GPS receiver activated.

Be careful, if we deactivate the heart rate sensor and only the watch is only used to receive notifications and check the time, it could last up to 30 days on. A very interesting figure for this new product.

Thanks to technology Huawei TruSEEN 3.0 the watch includes GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO support. It is for this reason that the Chinese company claims to have created two ideal products for sports activities.

As if that were not enough, the watch has a training app with routines and circuits to run. You can even check the distances traveled, times and aerobic capacity in real time.

Of course, a disadvantage of the Huawei Watch GT is that it does not offer support for NFC technology. In a nutshell, you will not be able to use your watch to make paymentswhich is possible on some smartwatches on the market today.

Huawei Watch GT price

The Sport version of the Huawei Watch GT has a price of 199 euros. On the other hand, the Classic model costs 249 euros.

Features of the Huawei Band 3 Pro

The Huawei Band 3 Pro bracelet arrives with a screen 0.95-inch AMOLED. It offers an unusual interface in 2.5D format that keeps you informed about your physical activity.

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Same as him Huawei WatchGT. the bracelet uses technology TruSeen 3.0 for the heart rate sensor. The use of TruSeen 3.0 also makes monitoring of sleep cycles possible.

The Huawei Band 3 Pro comes with GPS included, this is vital for tracking physical activity. We are talking about a quantifying bracelet great for swimmers professionals and amateurs.

Huawei Band 3 Pro Price

Huawei’s new quantifying bracelet can be yours for a price of €99.

Both the bracelet and the watch are new products that make clear the importance that Huawei places on wearables. And you, would you buy any?