How to use your mobile phone as a Nintendo Switch controller

In recent years, Nintendo has launched video consoles designed for use and enjoy your millions of followers around the world. The latest console launched by the company has been Nintendo Switch, a hybrid platform in which you can play on a 6.2-inch screen, but also on a television.

The Japanese firm has always distanced itself from Sony and Microsoft, so much so that its consoles were not compared in terms of hardware with those launched by the other two. A fundamental part of the console is its joy-Conas the control that goes on the sides of the panel is known, they can be removed and used as a normal pad.

Today thanks to technology the mobile can be used as a Nintendo Switch controllerall thanks to an application created by DeepBlue Labs. It is polishing that virtual controller in the different versions released so far, all under mapping and new features.

Joy-Con Droid

With the JoyCon Droid app you can turn your Android phone into a controller for the Nintendo console, it will emulate a classic JoyCon and even an advanced type. The first of these is the one used in the well-known handheld console known as JoyCon, the second is a “Pro Classic” controller.

This virtual pad is valid when using it as an extra one, since despite working quite well, it is best to have a physical one. JoyCon Droid is one of the alternatives if we want to play against our friend without the need to buy a controller at that precise moment.

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JoyCon Droid setup is extremely easy, It will go through downloading it and configuring the action buttons, which become preconfigured by the console. Ideal if you want to play as you normally do with the Nintendo platform until that precise moment.

in alpha version

So far the project is still in the Alpha version, therefore it remains to be seen that it progresses during different stages. The beta version if it is finally launched would be one of the important phasessince it would take a big step after a long time of intense waiting.

The app works perfectly with all games, it is best to map all the buttons, at least those that are used for action, since the crosshead will be used to handle all titles and it will not be necessary to adapt it. It will be enough to pair it, and then be able to touch the app settings.

It has a catch, it does not work on all smartphones, although it does in most, so the first thing would be to try it on the phone you use as the main one. In previous versions of mobiles it usually goes well, it also happens in new ones, but this will vary greatly depending on the brand as well as the model.

Installation of JoyCon Android, first steps

Getting started with JoyCon Android is easy, especially for the installation of this well-known tool that will control the Nintendo Switch using your mobile. The use of it will become the perfect emulation, all of it working as if you were using an original Nintendo JoyCon.

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The only thing that costs is the pairing, but once you pass that everything will go smoothly, since the app is often used as a second option to the original controller. The physical JoyCon usually comes split in twoto then be implemented on both sides of the screen that comes with the game console.

For its installation do the following:

  • Download JoyCon Droid from hereis no longer available on the Play Store after being hosted for over a year
  • Once downloaded, it will proceed to its installation, click allow and give the bluetooth permission for its funtionability
  • Choose the JoyCon to simulate, either the left or the right, this does not matter, you can use the one that suits you best at that moment, you also have the option to choose the “Pro” versionis the perfect command to get the most out of any title
  • Now click on “Later” and the chosen command will be displayedif you have made a mistake and want to choose another one, you have the option to do so by going back, do the same procedure by pressing «Later» to go to the chosen pad
  • Now on the Nintendo Switch click on the controller icon, the fourth located on the left, will show the JoyCon icon
  • In the console click on “Change the order or the holding mode”
  • Once this step is done, the phone will show you the request for pairing with Nintendo Switch, accept
  • Once the pairing is done on the console, it will show you the active phone as a JoyCon padbeing able to control the console completely and with it also all the games as it is compatible with all of them
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The version known as Pro has a cost of 5.99 euros for the removal of ads, despite being relatively few, is worth the support for the developer. You can use it in a complete way without having to pay that amount of about 6 euros, but it will definitely remove the advertising from the application.

The ideal is first to test that it works perfectly on the phone on which you install it, since making this payment is unique and definitive, forever. It can be used on multiple phones with that license by ordering the basics, among those things a registration email address.

Updates will be arriving according to DeepBlue Labs, the person in charge of the project, which for the moment has been launching several corrections. JoyCon Droid is designed to be used quickly and all with just a few steps, after doing so it will pair much faster just by opening the app and accessing the Nintendo Switch settings.

Use the NFC for your benefit

JoyCon Droid uses NFC technology to read Nintendo Amiibos, ideal if you want to get hold of them with this virtual Android controller. The use is the same as with the physical pad, so getting an Amiibo will be as easy as it has been until now.

In the future, the use of NFC will continue to expand, since it is ideal if you want to make payments, including paying for the metro, the bus, and also purchasing a product in stores. With JoyCon Droid it can be used when purchasing one or more Amiibos just by connecting the controller to the console.

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Requirements to play with JoyCon Droid

One of the first requirements for JoyCon Droid to work is to have Android 9.0 or a higher version, if you have a lower version it is not clear that it will work. The version of the Android operating system is important to be compatible with the latest updates of JoyCon Droid.

Another requirement for the application to work 100% is to have Bluetooth HID Profile, otherwise we will have to create a profile. The steps to do that is to link a profile in the Bluetooth connection, if you have already created it previously, just access and follow the steps to make JoyCon Droid work.