How to remove watermark from Xiaomi phones

Xiaomi phones have been taking over a large part of the market after launching smartphones at a very competitive price since its inception. The device manufacturer has been improving considerably, all based on effort and with the launch of new terminals in the different territories.

They always shone for having a camera with which to take good photos, that is why some brands envied this and launched their own bet improving the main sensor. Despite this, Xiaomi itself is still working on the launch of new phones that will see the light “very soon”.

The terminals whenever you take a photo show the phone model, but for this we are going to show you how to remove xiaomi watermark in a few easy steps. Once you remove it, it will continue to take photos without the need for you to mark them as it has been until now. This works also on Redmi or POCO devices.

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Watermarked Photos

Surely you have a lot with watermarks of your phone modelThis is because the default manufacturer puts this in their options. The reason why it does it is not known, but yes, sometimes it is best to spend some time and remove this, today it can be removed by an image editor.

The Xiaomi watermark shows not only the model, it gives the option of the day and time, something that users avoid doing because it is not too controlled. It is advisable to remove at least the date and time, in addition to the brand and model of your phone, which is activated by default.

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not everyone knows how to remove watermark from xiaomi phones, that’s why we are going to tell you the step by step, as well as the option to edit the images to eliminate the model from the photograph. Both online and application editors usually remove anything from the photos created so far.

How to remove watermark from phone

It is much simpler than it seems at first glance, for this it is appropriate to investigate the many camera settings, which today are quite a few. By default it will arrive activated, although as this happens we can deactivate it once we bought the phone in the store.

The device also once we take it out of the box It will arrive with just the right applications, by downloading the basic ones to start working. The same goes for configuring the different parameters, the camera being one of those that will mark and much throughout the use of that purchased phone.

To remove the watermark from your Xiaomi phoneDo the following:

  • Start your phone and unlock the terminal
  • Access the camera app
  • Click on the three stripes that are located in the upper right
  • Click on “Settings” and a large number of options will be displayed
  • Locate the “Device Watermark” optionclick on the switch and put it on the left, it will turn gray, removing the blue that will be activated

Remove Xiaomi watermark from system settings

The phone also has the option to reach this setting without having to go through the camera application, which is why it is always good to have several ways. MIUI is a layer with great additions, and the customization is complete, not only removing this or other settings, as well as making many others.

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A reality today is that everything that goes through settings we have at hand in the applications, although not everything will always be accessible through an app. Customizing, for example, the wallpaper, updating the system and many other things will be done from the smartphone settings.

If you want to go as far as removing the Xiaomi brand, follow these steps:

  • Start your mobile device, for this unlock it
  • Find “Settings” and click on this option
  • Once inside, click on “Applications”
  • Go to “System application settings” and click on it
  • “Camera” will appear, click on it and follow the previous step, which would be to click on the three lines at the top – Settings – and in “Watermark” deactivate the switch, it should be left in shades of gray

This may be a bit tedious to do, but it’s one more way to do it without having to go through the “Camera” app, all the while you can’t locate it. Sometimes finding the app is not easy, so it is advisable to have every possible alternative at your disposal, which is what every person is looking for when they have a phone.

How to remove the mark from a photo taken by Xiaomi

Xiaomi’s own editor is capable of removing the brand created by the camera itself, which through its options will leave the brand and model of your device. This is a solution in case you want to remove and thereby correct any image created up to the time you made it.

This included editor also has a large number of functions, being quite complete and not having to use another external one as it would happen with other manufacturers. The editing will not take you more than a minute, since it corrects and removes the watermark created by the option activated by default in one go.

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If you want to remove the watermark from a photo created with your phone, please do the following steps:

  • The first thing is to go to the gallery of your device and open the image you want to edit, check that it has a watermark
  • Click on “Edit image”, it is specifically the one that shows a pencil in a square and wait for the full options to be displayed
  • Once the editor opens, at the top right you have a setting called “Remove watermark”
  • Finally, click on “Save” and wait for it to be saved, you can replace the original and have the image ready to upload or send