How to put text on TikTok: step by step tutorial

Social networks are on the rise, always because people want to show themselves to the large public that each of them hosts. One of the great boom is TikTok, a network in which to post a video of a certain time, in addition a specific song or a phrase composed of a famous person is added.

On TikTok there are millions of users who are active uploading at least one or two videos on average daily, but it goes up if they maintain a good number of visits. Thanks to her people have become famous today who have been putting together some pretty funny videos.

Through this tutorial we will tell you how to put text on tiktok, to make it more interactive, you will also be able to choose whether to put it at the beginning, in the middle or at the end. Imagine that you want to put a translation, a message for people to read or something else that comes to mind.

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Text is important on TikTok

Although it is rarely seen in TikTok videos, the text If it is well used, it will give you a plus, over time it has been appearing throughout the most successful Tiktokeros. In addition, the imagination is infinite, you are not only going to put a text, you can make it appear in a cloud, etc.

Imagine putting a sentence once the warning video ends, even leaving it up in the air that everything was fictitious, for example if you pretend that you die at the end. Everything happens by having a little imagination and make the person who sees you be surprised by everything, including that phrase.

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Of course, try not to abuse too much of so much text, make the video as good as possible and what you write reaches the person who views the video. Try to make the clip dynamic, they are the ones that usually have a good peak of visits at the end that will be able to have an impact on being able to win something on TikTok.

Add text to a video

The choice to put text to a video on TikTok runs on your part, if what you want is to present the same, the proper thing is that you add something descriptive and then appear. This is something that many people already do, so if you take advantage of this action you will make a kind of presentation of the video that they are going to view.

The best thing is to make an outline, even if later you get to hum that song that a famous artist will sing, even if you choose to say recurring phrases. The scripts usually work, that’s why the best is that you make one and if you see that it really works for you, create one whenever you can.

To add text to a video on TikTokdo the following steps:

  • The first thing is to have the TikTok application installed on the phone, you can download it from the Play Store at this link
  • Then go through registering, if you already have an account, enter with the login to do the following steps
  • Start recording a video on TikTok and once it starts, click on the “A” and it will show you a box where it says «Temporary text», put the message you want here
  • In addition to adding text, it gives you several options, among them are «Set duration», put the time you want it to appear and disappear, for this use the video bar, putting the text first, later or at the end of it
  • Now it gives you the option to view the videoto see what tsl will be left after you have added the text to it anywhere in the currently recorded clip.
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Enter text before starting the video

One way to put text in the video is also to click on “A” and then start recording the video, to be published immediately. The application becomes important to know before starting, the fundamental thing is at least to know the basics so that you can enter the text later.

After clicking on «A», add the text you want, try to be as brief as possible, get to the point and do not put too much information as long as they see the video. TikTok is one of those sites that you better hide some things againstbetter, especially if you want to have visualizations.

Of wanting to add text to a TikTok video beforeDo the following:

  • Open the app and tap on the “+” symbol
  • Click on “Record” and save the session, now look for “A” and click on “A” again to add the text, put what you want and tap on that phrase to “Set Duration”you can also go from text to voice if you want if you click on the one that says exactly that, located above the duration that you want to put

The step is similar to the previous one, although it is valid In case you want to put a descriptive text before uploading the video to the TikTok platform, it is what people usually do. Today’s tiktokers fulfill their commitment quite well and surprise with the many videos uploaded.

How to go from text to speech

A way to convert the text you have written to video It is one of the many things that you will be able to do thanks to the TikTok tool, which today is expanding its features. The text is as important as the audio, without them the video would be much more bland, at least for your visitors.

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The steps to go from text to speech is similar to the previous ones, although the option will be at the top, right when you want to set the duration. If you have not done it before, it is best that you continue this step by step and do it quickly on your mobile device:

  • Launch the TikTok app
  • Record a video quickly, choose the required duration, it goes from 15 seconds to 3 minutes maximum
  • Once you have recorded it, hit “Confirm”
  • Tap on “Aa”, where it says text, tap on “A”write the text and click on the text, now a menu will appear and you must click on “Text to speech” and wait for it to be inserted, click on “Next” and finish the project to start uploading the clip