How to prevent Google Photos from draining battery on Android

The unlimited and free copy of Photos in the Google service is very good but the truth is that, after enable copying of photos to Google Photos we noticed that the drums dropped at a dizzying rate.

This means that the Automatic copy of Google Photos uses a lot of battery and an increase in consumption will be noticed in Google Services and also in the Google Photos application itself. Now, how do you prevent Google Photos from using so much battery on Android? The first thing to do is follow the instructions but first of all we recommend that you do not always have the backup of Google Photos enabled since, in addition to wasting battery, it could use more data than normal. It is true that you have to upload the photos only when it is charging and also to upload only photos over WiFi but this will not completely eliminate the extra battery consumption.

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How to prevent Google Photos from spending so much battery on Android?

It does not come with deactivating the backup in Google Photos, you must follow these steps to reduce battery consumption.

  • Go into Google Photos.
  • Open the Settings (You can drag from the right to display the window).
  • Now in Create backup and sync It will take you to the Google services Settings. Click on Activate above so that it says disabled. Once done, you will have disabled the backup in Google Photos.

We repeat, the battery consumption was extremely high with which we have come to the conclusion that it was only worth activating the backup from time to time to upload the new photos and voila, it is a somewhat cumbersome process but the truth is that he battery consumption can be 20% with this option activated and with the current autonomies we are not like to shoot rockets.

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I would like to see that Galaxy S7 with 17 hours of playback at maximum brightness or see how LiO2 batteries hit the market to multiply by 5 the capacity of the current batteries. Have you also noticed unusual battery drain with Google Photos backup?