How to make a backup of your photos and videos with the two best services of the moment

Today we have several alternatives to have space extra with which to continue storing the photos or videos that we take with the mobile. It is during these holidays when it may happen to us that we suddenly find that the internal storage is full and we have to find a way to extend that capacity. It can also happen to us that we are going to use a new smartphone and we want to pass all those photos in an easy way; if we have a good connection, the cloud is a great answer to it.

That is why we are going to comment how to configure two of the most used services to save a backup of your photos and videos to your computer or the cloud. The chosen ones are Dropbox and Google Photos. Two great alternatives that we can use to extend that capacity in the internal memory and thus not worry about those vacations in which we will be shooting photos and videos left and right. Two apps that are very easy to use and that we are going to configure step by step.

How to back up your photos and videos with Google Photos

Google Photos has become a whole standard for the vast majority of users and is a great way to store photos on your phone or even have them uploaded to Google Drive. An app available for free in the Play Store and that was updated not long ago with the synchronization of deleted photos from another gallery app.

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Once you have downloaded it, you will only have to allow access to your photo and video library to Google Photos, it will click on «Back & sync» and all the photos and videos on your phone will be backed up in the cloud automatically.

We can always choose to upload one or more photos manually if we do not allow automatic access to upload of all photos or videos; in this way we will always have the possibility to manage which one we want to upload in original format, since the infinite upload of photos in Google Photos is for the HD format.

How to manually create a backup to Google Photos or Drive

  • You install Google Photos:
  • The first thing we are going to do is launch Google Photos from your phone
  • We click on the photo that we would like to upload to Google Photos or Google Drive (we can also make a long press on it and thus select multiple). If we only want back up to Google Photos, click on the icon of three virtual points and choose “Make backup”
  • We now give the share button at the top of the screen to upload that photo to Drive
  • We seek “Save to Drive” and we will go to the screen where we can change the title, the email account or the folder in Drive.
  • We select «Account» to choose the one we want where it will be saved
  • «Folder» allows us to choose among those that we have in the account to have everything well organized
  • Finally we click on «Save»
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How to make a backup copy of the photos and videos that we take with Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the best services that exist at the moment and by default offers 2GB of data to upload to your account. However, you always have the option to add more storage quota if you follow some of the advice on the web by mentioning them on Twitter or inviting friends to use Dropbox.

You create an account from the app or website itself, download it to your phone and your computer, and you will be ready for backup of all the photos and videos that you take. You can access them from the folder you have configured on your PC.

Creating the Dropbox account on the web

  • We launched a browser anyone and we headed to
  • We have the option of sign in with a Google account or create your own account with the typical steps of entering name, surname and email address
  • We press «Create an account» and we will have the button for the dropbox download to the computer. This step is important to have the service configured

We already have the Dropbox account created that can be used both on the web and in the app Android just like other devices.

Setting up Dropbox on Android

  • The first thing is download and install Dropbox from the Google Play Store:
  • We launch the app and click on «Start session»
  • We introduce the email and password of the previously created account
  • Click on login
  • The service will be configured to make a backup copy of the photos and videos default. Anyway, you can check it from the Dropbox side panel where you will find settings. You look for «Uploads from camera» and in «Which files to upload» it should appear «Photos and videos»
  • If you want the service not to use your data quota, configure in «How to upload» to «Wifi only», although this parameter should be configured like this by default. Nothing happens to check it
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Every time an image or video is uploaded, it will appear in the folder you have in Dropbox on your PC. A great way to back up and have your pictures synced, and just like Google Photos you can upload one or more photos manually if you need it.