How to improve battery optimization (Doze) in Android 6.0

Much has been said about Doze, the way that helps save battery in Android 6.0 Marshmallow but… What does Doze do? How is? How does it work? Why does it help save battery? What’s more, how do you configure Doze? These are many of the questions that some of our users ask us every day and is that Doze it’s not really called that in Android but that was the codename of the function.

Doze is the battery optimization on Android 6.0 And that it is only available in this version or higher, well, actually Samsung already has Doze in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the operation is identical only that they have added it and they call it application optimization instead of battery optimization but that is for what those who criticize Samsung realize that they do their best to bring us all the features of Android before anyone else.

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What is Doze for?

All Doze does is prevent Internet access for certain applications on Android. This helps reduce battery use since one of the most battery-consuming things on Android, apart from the screen, is the mobile data connection.

When an application is optimized by Doze it is alone access the Internet in a short period of time in certain periods. Doze makes, for example, the application access the Internet every 10 minutes for a few seconds and then until after another 10 minutes it will not be able to access it again if it is hibernated (the time is representative). We must also bear in mind that having Doze activated means that we do not receive notifications instantly from those applications that are optimized.

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Doze saves battery but notifications do not arrive at the moment

In the case of applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook, it may be interesting not to optimize them since that means not receiving notifications from them instantly. That is why perhaps it was necessary to configure Doze so that it goes perfect and, you save battery but don’t miss instant notifications either.

How to improve battery optimization (Doze) in Android 6.0

Configure Doze

To configure Doze we just have to go to the Settings -> Battery and follow the process, it is very simple:

  • We came in Battery optimization.
  • We will have the Non-optimized applications in view but if we click on All applications we will be able to see them all.
  • We select the ones that we do not want to Optimize and send them to the Non-Optimized section.
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What applications should we not optimize? Well, the ideal, in my case, is to just leave WhatsApp because it is a more or less fast application for which you need to see instant messages, all the others I have optimized on my smartphone. And you, did you already know how Doze worked or were you still a bit confused? In this way you already know which ones you should optimize and which ones you should not, the ideal is to optimize as many as you can to gain autonomy. Of course, if you do not have Marshmallow or a Galaxy S6 remember that there is also a way to activate Doze on Android Lollipop.

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