How to get keys in Rocket League for Android

Rocket League is a video game that combines soccer with carsbeing developed by Psyonix and released in early July 2015. This title has been released as a free-to-play, more than a year and a half ago, having a single player mode and an online mode, so you can be endless.

It is a game that is similar to playing a soccer game, but the players are vehicles, having a similar route on a very similar track. The mission is for the ball to enter the rival goalis the goal that each player has to set if they play Rocket League.

In Rocket League you can get keys, we are going to show you how to get each one of them to open the drawers, necessary to get objects. As in other games, these keys can also be acquired by the user if they wish.

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How to get the keys in Rocket League?

The first method is to advance in the game, but above all by winning games. and this will give you the odd key randomly. Rocket League keys are highly coveted, which is why many try to get many to unlock high-level loot.

If you win the game, it will randomly give you a prize, but the chances of getting it are quite low, although it is a matter of playing. In exhibition mode we have that little option to come out, The same happens in other modes such as PvP or in any other of those available.

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A quick option to get keys is through the exchange, someone who buys keys can donate them to another Rocket League player. Although there is also the possibility of obtaining keys by selling objects, many of them give to get between one and two, but it all depends on their value.

You must look at your objects if they are valued in the user trading market, selling little by little, in order to obtain the precious keys. Over time you will know the value of each objectthat’s why the initial thing is to know the price of each of the ones you have accumulated.

Barter to get keys

It is a more profitable way to get the precious keys of Rocket League, the user whether or not he is aware of the value of the object can change one as long as he reaches an agreement with another person. The exchange is a fast way, you can request from one to several keys.

The other person can know the value of the object and try to get the maximum return, so it is better that you know the value of the object that they ask for. Today there are many pages that show you what each one is worth and whether or not it is worth bartering for a single key.

Bartering in Rocket League is the way to get the keys you need, which in the end are exchanged for succulent boxes that can give you bigger prizes. Keys open the way to higher level items, so earning a few will give you more options in the end.

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Trade to get keys

When trading, you can put certain objects up for sale to receive offers for them and what you get buy as many keys as you can. Currently there are several pages where you can put the objects for sale and that users of the same page bid for them.

A clear goal is to get cheap items and sell them to a good bidder for a high price, unless you make as much profit as you can. This is not easy, but if they want it they can reach the approximate amount you ask forbut not multiplying by much, as this would make you get stuck with sales.

For example, if your item was purchased for 13 keys and someone gives you 15 or 16 for the same item, you will make a profit of 2 to 3 keys. The simplest thing is always to resell for one more key, but if you try and get several profit keys, that will give you importance as well as level on the page where you are selling.

exchange keys

You can’t sell Rocket League keys on Stream, but you can do it from the outside as it is something that is not well seen by the well-known portal where millions of games are hosted. The keys can be exchanged for objects, many of them can be valuable, even get keys.

Currently you have many Rocket League trading forums, in them you can talk to other people to see if you are interested in making a password change. Once you post on the forum, specify what you offer and what you want to receive in return, it’s similar to bartering.

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Once you contact some people, it is best to speak privately with them, thus reaching a closed agreement that is only visible to you. If you change the keys for objects you can in the end sell those objects and ask in exchange for keys to use in the Rocket League game.

How to buy keys in Rocket League

One way to speed up and have all the keys you want is to buy them at the official store from Rocket League. It is a legal way to do it, the only one at the moment, although it is true that objects can be purchased outside the store, as well as keys and many other things from the title.

The price of them on Steam will vary, if you want one it has a fixed price, if you want two and the packs of several of them will have a more affordable cost. Rocket League keys are covetedthe important thing is that you get several of them by bartering or exchanging keys.

To buy keys in Rocket League, do the following:

  • Enter the main menu of Rocket League
  • Now go to Manage Inventory
  • Choose the box you want to open at that moment, hit «Buy»
  • You have to pay with your credit for the key on Steam

Rocket League Items

A page that sells Rocket League items, including many keys, is It is one of the sites where they sell at the cheapest price, being one of those that many people visit, there are many millions of people who do so when they are interested in their products.

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It is the fast way to get what you want from Rocket League, it is an easy solution, at the same time you have many options when purchasing things. Rocket League has many accessories, to which we have to add the coveted keyswhich are worth to discover the precious objects.

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