How to delete all my comments on YouTube

It is the leading streaming platform despite having a great competitor such as Twitch, we mean YouTube. This Google portal has been keeping up the type after seeing how streamers prefer to do their live shows on the service launched by Amazon a few years ago.

YouTube not only allows you to view content, but also make comments and share each one of them on our social networks. The right to be forgotten is a fundamental part of privacymany people have chosen to remove content under their name in search engines, but also from sites such as video portals.

In this tutorial we are going to explain how to delete all youtube comments, since there are currently several options available. YouTube stores the comments as it does with the videos, having quick access to them in our control panel (in our profile).

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Can they all be removed at once?

The question has an answer, in this case it is quite resounding and it is not halfway. The removal of each of them will be done manually, which will be somewhat cumbersome, but with this you make sure that it disappears. Be careful with offensive comments, if this happens one of the platform’s moderators could ban you.

YouTube accounts have limitations if you get banned, but the creator of the channel is another one who can do various things, be it posting a comment in moderation, deleting it, or even reporting it. If you have deleted a comment, the other person will not be able to interact

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The comments also receive interactions, if you are highly voted by the community, you will earn gallons, so try that if those are useful, do not delete them. YouTube is a community made up of creators, which are the ones who upload content, but it also becomes important because of the people who view content and comment on the clips.

Delete comments by accessing the history

The best way to delete YouTube comments is by accessing the history, here you have everything with greater control, including what you say on this popular platform. Once you access you will see each of the comments, which will start with the last one written, always up to the first one sent.

Removing each comment from this site will take some time, as well as a process that happens to be quicker than you think. The user is the one who ultimately decides whether to delete one, two or allbut you will always have the option to eliminate a few to continue later.

To remove comments from YouTube history, do the following:

  • The first thing will be to access the YouTube historyto do so click on this link to go directly
  • To delete a comment, first find the one you want to delete
  • Right on the side, click “More”on the icon of the three horizontal dots and select “Delete”
  • Confirm that you want to delete it and check that it has been deleted, if so you can delete each of them in the same way
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Hiding the channel

The only way to remove visible comments from YouTube is hiding the channel, although the content will be visible to no one. This is the catch, so the uploaded videos will not be played by anyone, only by you, who are the creator of this content.

For hiding it is essential to use YouTube Studio, this tool is available for Android in the Play Store, but it can be accessed if you want via the web page at Once you enter you have the control panelwhere you will be able to do everything to personalize your channel.

If you want to hide the YouTube channelDo the following:

  • Launch the YouTube Studio app or go to the page via browser
  • On the back left, tap on “Settings”
  • Now select “Channel” and then “Advanced settings”
  • At the bottom, click “Remove content from YouTube” and then select “Hide my content”

Once you hide it, it will be invisible to everyone, including you. if you try to access it from the previous address, which is usually under the alias or name of the channel. By hiding this channel, the comments will completely disappear from all the channels where you gave your opinion, so your account will be temporarily suspended.

Hiding the content from the application itself

YouTube adds a lot of features, including the ability to hide content, for this you have to go directly to your channel. By hiding all your comments they will not be seen, it is another formula of the many available, it coincides with that of hiding the channel, which is a quick formula.

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By hiding the comments no one will see them, also if you have been quoted you cannot see those from which you received a response. Every channel has this settingso if you decide to take the step, you have to go to channel settings and click on the “Hide my comments” point and select all.

Each comment is important, although it is worth mentioning that if you have taken this step It is for wanting the right to privacy, privacy being fundamental in everyone’s life, including yours. You can also hide each of the comments, but this is quite tedious. The option is available in YouTube Studio, the application/page to which we have access once we are registered on YouTube, whether or not we have a channel created on the platform.

Delete other people’s comments

Another of the many things is being able to moderate your channelThis is essential if you want to count on those who contribute. YouTube, like other apps, will allow you to completely delete and not edit, as this would take a lot of work if you tend to receive many daily.

To delete a comment from your channel, once you receive one, you have the power of moderation, before it is visible to anyone, you have the possibility of being published or deleted. The application will notify you of the messageapprove or not those that in the end you think will be worth for the followers and for you.