How to create and join channels on Telegram

Telegram has launched a new tool, now the Channels are already available in Telegram from version 3.2 of the application that will arrive in a phased manner on Google Play. In this case, in Spain, Telegram channels are already available in the official version of the application.

If you have an alternative Telegram client you will have to wait for their respective administrators to update the application but the official app you will receive this update at blazing speed.

How to create and join channels on Telegram

What are Telegram channels?

A Telegram channel is what now replaces the classic broadcast lists and they have several advantage:

  • The channel can have an unlimited follower list.
  • New users of the channel can have access to the complete history of the channel even if they enter years after its creation.
  • They have a public URL.
  • They have an individual hit counter per message.
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Now, how do you operate with the channels?

Channels work in a similar way to broadcast lists but this time we have unlimited followers

How to create and join channels on Telegram

How to create a new channel on Telegram?

  • To create a new channel in Telegram we just have to enter the application and display the side menu or the new message menu, there we will find an option that says New channel.
  • Once inside we have to choose the channel name, a description and we can even add a photo to the channel.
  • The next step will allow us to choose the privacy of the channel in which you can choose a public channel or a private channel (with invitation link to join) or giving the possibility of anyone to join.
  • In Link we can set up a unique url for our channel and public in addition to permanent. Remember it because it will be the easiest way to join the channel.
  • Once we have this step when accepting, we can invite users to the channel or have it publicly to publish on it. That is already your choice.
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How to join a channel on Telegram?

The channels now, thanks to the public url will have a designation of the type @channelname. When we enter Telegram we see a magnifying glass in the upper right. If we click on it, we can enter the name of the channel we want to search for.

Once we find the channel we enter it and below we will have a button that says Join if it is public. As a curiosity, the @Telegram channel already has 1000 members. Hopefully we won’t find many bots in these channels. In addition to this, I take the opportunity to remember that channels can have many members, multiple administrators, etc so that even if a user creates it, he does not have to get lost in case it disappears. Will you take advantage of the new Telegram channels?

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