How to create a temporary mail for PS4 and PS5 and enjoy PlayStation Plus for free

Console manufacturers are not satisfied with charging their products at a gold price, but also force us to pay a monthly subscription, quarterly or annually to be able to play with our friends in multiplayer titles. In the case of Sony, we are talking about PlayStation Plus.

Having to pay a subscription to be able to play online with our friends in addition to paying for the price of the console and the price of the game is something that is only available on consoles, since this functionality, almost mandatory, it does not exist neither on mobile devices nor on computers.

So that users can see first-hand how PlayStation Plus works and the benefits it offers us, Sony allows users to enjoy this service for 14 days for free. Once those 14 days have elapsed, we must checkout yes or yes.

What is PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus allows us to play multiplayer titles with other friends, but, in addition, it also gives us 2 or 3 titles for free every month. Of course, those titles only are available when the associated account is associated with a subscription. If it ends, the games are no longer available.

PlayStation Plus is available in 3 modes:

  • 12 months for 59.99 euros
  • 3 months for 24.99 euros
  • 1 month for 8.99 euros

As we can see, the prices are practically the same as any other streaming video platform such as HBO, Disney Plus, Netflix, Apple TV+… so you really have to get a lot out of it, that is, play a lot, so that it is profitable for us to pay the subscriptionsince the games they give away are bread for today, hunger for tomorrow.

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It also offers us interesting discounts to access titles that are periodically made available for free on the PlayStation Store. Regularly, we can find exclusive content for games like Fortnite and Apex Legends like cosmetic skins for characters, weapons and more.

For all those titles that they do not store progress data on their servers (as is the case with multiplayer titles such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, Rocket League…) Sony makes up to 100 GB available to these users.

This allows us to resume the adventure on any other console with the same ID that also has the game installed and format the console without having to make a backup of all the games we have saved on the console.

One of the features worth checking out is the Share Play feature. This function allows enjoy multiplayer and cooperative titles with a friend and allow another friend to play a title that only we have installed, even if he does not have the game.

Not all games require PlayStation Plus

Before explaining the method that allows us to enjoy PlayStation Plus for free, you must bear in mind that not all games require this subscription to play.

titles like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Rocket League, Genshin Impact, Warframe, Dauntless, Brawlhalla and Call of Duty: Warzone they are games that do not require PlayStation Plus to be able to play with other users. The developers of these games pay Sony to allow users to play without paying the subscription that Sony offers us.

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However, other games, mainly collaborative ones, do require this subscription, so before taking advantage of this trick, you should make sure that maybe you don’t need to use it.

GTA V, PUBG, FIFA 2021, Minecraft are some of the titles that require, yes or yes, Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription. With the money these companies generate, they could bother and pay Sony just like Epic Games (Fortnite, Rocket League) and Activision do to name some of the best-known companies, so that users don’t have to pay extra to enjoy the multiplayer experience.

The CrossPlay functionality (being able to play between different platforms) is another of the features that Sony insists on charging developers, a payment that Microsoft does not require with the Xbox.

What is clear is that Sony wants to squeeze the most out of its platform in an exaggerated way, so it is not surprising that some users look for ways to enjoy PlayStation Plus for free.

14 days of PlayStation Plus free and forever

Done the law done the snare. When we create a PlayStation account, it is not necessary to add a payment method, so we can open as many accounts as we want without the need to use a credit card, a PayPal account…

Every time a user creates a new account, Sony gives away 14 days of PlayStation Plus completely free of charge. In this way, if we want enjoy PlayStation Plus for free and foreverwe just have to create a new account for 14 days.

Sony uses the account address to validate that the email is real and to, incidentally, send publicity about the news that have reached the PlayStation application store. The only email we are interested in receiving is the confirmation email as soon as we open the account, they can keep the advertising emails.

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To validate the first confirmation email when we create an account, the best we can do is use a temporary email account. In this way, we can create endless accounts every 14 days.

Platforms to create a temporary mail for PS4/PS5

All the platforms that allow us to create an account they do not need any information from uswe just have to write the name of the email that we want to use.

These email accounts they don’t have a password, so anyone who has access to your email account can access its content. These accounts are usually closed automatically in a period that varies from 5 to 10 days.


YOPMail is one of the best known and most used platforms among users who use temporary email accounts. Not only can we create email accounts, but we can also also allows us to use the domains:


Thus, if Sony does not let us use a yopmail emailwe can use other domains available on this platform to create temporary emails.


Another interesting platform to create temporary email accounts to use PlayStation Plus for free is MailDrop. This is one of the more veterans in this worldso it is likely that some platform does not allow you to use this type of email (at the time of publishing this article Sony does accept them).


An uncomplicated website to create temporary emails is Dispostable, a website that allows us to create a temporary email in seconds.

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Although YopMail is one of the best known and used, it is advisable to use less used platformsas they have less risk of being blocked by websites.

Gmail / Outlook / Yahoo

Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo are not platforms to create temporary emails, but they are an excellent option to create emails that We do not plan to use it on a regular basis.

With a Gmail /Outlook and Yahoo account we will not have any problem when creating a Sony account. Ok, the process to create an account is a bit long and tedious, but in the end it may be worth it if the rest of the platforms are being blocked by Sony as they are considered insecure.


When we create a new account on PlayStation to take advantage of the 14-day free trial period, we use a new name and a different email account, so the progress we may have made in a game we will not keep. unless the title synchronizes the progress with its servers and not through PlayStation.

The main problem with this trick, especially if we play collaborative games, is that we must inform our friends every 14 days of the new username with which we are using the PlayStation Plus trial period.

Unless all our friends do the same, in the long run, can be a problem for your friends if they pass the subscription since over time they can get tired of adding a new user every week.

Another problem that we face when using temporary email accounts is that some platforms do not accept this type of mail services to register because they are considered insecure, they are identified as bots or they directly know that it is a temporary email platform.

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Buy cheap PlayStation Plus subscriptions

Buy a subscription to PlayStation Plus through the PlayStation or through its website It is the last thing we should do if we want to save good money.

The official price of Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription is 60 euros. Both in Amazon and in Vida Player or Instant Gaming we can find from time to time interesting discounts that allow us save between 15 and 20 euros on the subscription.

By purchasing the subscription through these platforms, we receive a code that we must enter in the PlayStation to activate the subscription for the period we have contracted.

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