How to copy a deck in Clash Royale

We have a feature in Clash Royale that’s great, because now we can copy the deck to whoever we want (as long as we have those cards available of course). And obviously, at the level where we have the cards. In this way, we can change the deck without having to look at the cards that our rival has one by one and how well they work. Don’t miss it, we’ll tell you how to copy decks / decks in Clash Royale automatically.

Copy decks in Clash Royale

Copying decks in Clash Royale has never been so easy. How do we do this? Do not miss what we tell you next, it has no waste:

  • you just have to enter the profile of the user you want, go down to their cards and you will see an icon that is the one shown in the following image that says «copy to deck«. If you click, you will see that you have the option to copy the deck, so that you can place it in your deck (1), (2) or (3). That easy!

Remember that you only have to enter the user’s profile to copy their deck. It’s nothing bad and he’s not going to find out, on the contrary, he’s sure to be very proud. Remember that for that deck you copy to work, you will need to be used to using it, that is, train a lot with a deck. Because a deck can be so good that if you don’t know how to play it, it might not work for you.

The key: train a lot with the mallet

We already gave you very good tips about Clash Royale here, but remember to train a lot and see how that person whose deck you copied plays with their deck, because the same cards can be played in different ways, some with more success than others for sure. Getting ideas is very good, and that’s why we have TV Royale, which you already know we can see battles from any arena with the latest update. We also tell you some other tips to go out on TV Royale, and it basically depends on how good you are.

I hope you already know copy decks/decks in Clash RoyaleAny questions you can ask me in the comments.