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How to build a portal in Minecraft? Netherworld Guide

How to build a portal in Minecraft? Netherworld Guide

In Minecraft, if you’re not looking far underground for diamonds or other treasures, you can see a world full of greenery, animals and different terrain. But there is also the underworld, the so-called Netherworld. This is far more dangerous and can only be reached with a nether portal.

How to build a portal to the Netherworld in Minecraft

Building a portal in Minecraft to the Netherworld is relatively easy. The ingredient for this is obsidian, which you can find near lava. Alternatively, you can also build obsidian by pouring a bucket of lava next to water.

  1. Obsidian is one of the hardest blocks in the game. If you don’t have a diamond pickaxe, you most likely won’t get any resources from mining.
  2. For a nether portal you need exactly 14 obsidian blocks and a lighter. Build the obsidian blocks into a rectangle four blocks wide and five blocks high.
  3. Once you have built the gate, ignite the obsidian inside with the lighter. The inner side of the gate is now glowing purple and particles are flying around.
  4. Now stand in the portal for a few seconds and you will be teleported to the Nether.

A special story portal: The Ender Portal

You can build the ender portal in the creative mode of the game. So, starting from the center, place three end portal frame blocks in a row in front, left, right, and behind. The Minecraft Wiki shows what the end portal should look like in the end. The portal teleports you to the final boss of the game: the ender dragon.