How to avoid closing applications in the background on Xiaomi

Xiaomi phones are known for maintaining price and quality over the last few years, where success has made it grow enormously. Thanks to her, Redmi also gained an important place, so much so that both are quite well positioned when it comes to selling smartphones.

The popularity also came thanks to its MIUI layer, right now one of the most popular, all due to its customization and its features. Xiaomi is managing to improve the system with the passage of versionshaving the user a large part of improvement in its usability.

Today we are going to teach you how to prevent apps from closing in the background on Xiaomi phones, making you have open the ones that interest you. Sometimes you probably want to keep one because it is of great use to you and you want to get to use it quickly, all without having to reopen it.

MIUI, a great memory saver

Until now MIUI has been appreciated for maintaining the consumption of RAM memory, thus closing the applications that are making a greater expense. It does it automatically, but this is configurable by the user, who is the one with the last word.

After closing an app, surely one of the notifications will not arrive and that is worrying, especially if it is in a tool that you use frequently. It has happened in apps like WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegrambut it happened in others less usable by users.

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If this has happened to you, It is best that you look for a solution to this problem, which is apparently not so small if you have to receive an important notification. The apps in the background are not all bad, although it is true that those that you use the least are usually closed to increase battery consumption.

How to prevent apps from closing in the background

This will work on those devices that have MIUI as a layer, it does so in all its versions, including the most recent ones released by the company. Closing applications in the background is avoidable, as long as you disable the closing of those that are consuming and not being used at that precise moment.

It will work on Xiaomi and Redmi phones and also on POCO, although in the latter it is called POCO UI, the options do not change. The choice of closing in the background will depend largely on youso decide which ones don’t close and leave the ones you use less.

If you want to avoid closing apps in the background on XiaomiDo the following:

  • Access the quick settings, to do this scroll from top to bottom on the screen
  • Press something more than a second in the application that you want to always keep open in the background and click the padlock
  • And that’s it, it’s that easy to prevent apps from closing in the background, either one or as many as you want

Make more settings to avoid closing apps

Xiaomi through this drop-down panel allows it to be done, but if we want to do it from the settings we will avoid any surprise that it closes if the first thing has not come out. Always try to do this step, even ahead of the known fast step when accessing from notifications.

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Accessing it is not so easy if you do not search and locate the specific setting, so you must follow a few steps if you want to do this perfectly. To make these adjustments, follow this step by step so that they do not closeeven if you did it from the quick notifications:

  • The first thing is to unlock the phone and access “Settings”
  • Go to “Battery and performance” and click on the gear icon in the top right
  • Click on the option “Battery saver in applications”
  • You will get the list of apps in the background, choose the one you do not want to close and choose the “No restrictions” setting

Because the phone will raise the battery consumption, by default it usually closes it if it sees that it affects performance, so if you don’t do this, the other won’t work at all. Those that are not restricted can be active at all times and you will receive all notifications.

Lock apps in MIUI

A quick option to block apps you don’t want to start it is to access the MIUI layer settings, it is located in the same place in all versions, not changing. Blocking them will allow us to always keep them closed, in case what you want is the opposite of what you have done at first.

To block apps in MIUI, do the following:

  • The first thing is to access “Settings” on your Xiaomi device
  • Go to “Applications” and then to “Application lock”
  • Now choose those apps that you want to block and that’s it, it’s that easy to block an app that you’ve given permission not to close in the background
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Is it good to keep too many apps in the background?

The answer is clearly no, you will increase the consumption of the battery and you will notice it in the long run, especially by seeing how the autonomy will become less. It is advisable to put at least one or two, if you go beyond this range of applications it will make the battery last less than it used to.

MIUI has an AI to close apps in the background, so sometimes we have to open one of the many applications available on your phone. The notifications will be solved with a review of the settingsin case it is necessary to receive them even when an app is closed.

Messaging apps are always advisable to keep them open, are important above all for receiving messages from family, friends and sometimes even from the company. Messages become important, be it the contact that it is, as well as the emails and other things that you want to receive daily on your phone.