How long does a current mobile battery last?

When we ask for evolution in new mobiles, one of the parts that we take into account the most, although sometimes this may not make us choose too much, is the battery. A limited autonomy conditions us so much that, sometimes, it leads us to change our behaviors or even to give up some smartphones.

But … how long does a mobile battery last in the middle of 2015? We are not talking about autonomy but, how long does it keep 100% of its capacity? The quick response and, in average terms, boils down to saying that the current cell phone battery lasts a year or less.

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How long does a current mobile battery last?

A mobile battery lasts a year or less

What does this mean? Well, if you have bought a unibody smartphone, go thinking about changing it if you give it a use that we are going to describe below. Battery life is highly dependent on charge cycles and a Battery University study has estimated that batteries last between 300 and 500 charge cycles (One cycle is considered, in this case, to charge the battery below 70% of the available capacity).

What’s more, the normal thing today is even to charge the mobile several times a day and after only one year the capacity of them is reduced by 20%, sometimes even after 250 cycles it is reduced by 14% and this is a very worrying fact.

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If you charge the mobile correctly you can make the battery last 8 times longer

Good use helps extend battery life

No, nothing happens to the smartphone by leaving it charging overnight, what’s more, the important thing is only when you start charging the battery. If you let it be below 35%, the estimated cycle time is extended to 2000, 8 times longer than if we charge it to 50% of its capacity.

In this way the estimated time of duration is 5 years and that is already an acceptable duration. And yes, although fast charging is an important element, we believe that charging the battery in a more aggressive way is not going to help greatly with the non-loss of components from it. Another thing that kills the battery is the temperature and this means that, when you use your mobile while charging, you put a very closed cover or make it stay in the sun for too long, the components of the same are degrade at a very rapid rate. And you? Have you noticed that the battery lasts much less than normal?

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