Hitman 3 could add Ray-Tracing on Xbox Series X in future updates

The latest Hitman game has arrived, and it has quickly become the talk of the video game world for the month of January. Hitman 3 is quite possibly an excellent video game that gives the player freedom, allowing him to shoot down targets through stealth and espionage while traveling around the world. However, the Xbox Series X / S version of the game doesn’t seem to take full advantage of next-gen technology, but that could soon change.

Hitman 3 It is a cross-platform title, but each version seems to have something unique. For example, Hitman 3 is on Nintendo Switch via cloud technology, and there is even a version of Hitman 3 on PS VR that can be enjoyed. As for the Xbox Series X / S version, there are still some cool features in the game that could help it stand out.

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Recently, IO Interactive CTO Maurizio de Pascale sat down with Will Tuttle, Xbox Wire editor-in-chief, to discuss Hitman 3. One of the questions the two addressed was future enhancements that excite IO Interactive. As of now, Hitman 3 does not use ray tracing on Xbox Series X / S or any version of the game. However, the team has already started working to change that.

Pascale says that the Xbox Series X / S GPU is fantastic and being able to support Ray-Tracing is something he is excited about. And although it was released without Ray-Tracing, IO Interactive has already been working on implementing ray tracing within Hitman 3 via an update using its Glacier Engine, which is what the upcoming James Bond 007 game will use.

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About Hitman 3

IO Interactive’s stealth game is considered, in many ways, a “live game” in the sense that it continues to develop, even after its release on June 20. While it’s certainly not considered the episodic game that Hitman (2016) was, the team will work to add content and features through ongoing updates. So while Pascale wasn’t ready to reveal when Ray-Tracing for Hitman 3 would be ready on the Xbox Series X / S, it should arrive at some point.

It is a game full of surprises, as there are many Easter eggs and the game can be quite funny. But IO Interactive has not finished developing the game, as there is much more to come. Whether it’s more content or features that will make better use of next-gen content, Agent 47 appears to have an even more comprehensive experience in the coming months.

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Hitman 3 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.