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Here they are, these are the best games of the week

Here they are, these are the best games of the week

The week is almost over, and as it could not be missing, today we bring you here the 5 best games that came to Android these days. Although there are none that stand out above the rest, they are free games that you should give a try.

5 unmissable games

Snake Vs Colors

Get ready to embody a snake in a more than colorful path. If you like games where skill is required, then Snake Vs Colors is the game you have to download. The goal is simple: dodge the obstacles and try to get the most points possible.

Dig In: An Excavator Game

You have been assigned a very important job position, to be the heavy equipment operator. You are a key member of the construction site responsible for digging ditches, moving earth and much more. Complete the jobs and manage to increase your salary.

Runegate Heroes

This game mixes three genres in one, strategy, tower defense and RPG. Defend your towers as well as the portal and make successful attacks to expand your empire.

Zombie Rollerz

Zombie games don’t end, and a clear example of this is this title. In it you will have to defend yourself from the horde of zombies that will attack you relentlessly. It is a game that mixes pinball with strategy, something that has never been seen before.


If you like them puzzle gamesWell, you’re going to love Piffle. In it you will have to perform different types of puzzles to be able to pass the level and create adorable Piffle-type balls that you can collect.

me personally I liked it a lot Runegate. Well, it has something special that has made me addicted to the game. In the same way, we recommend you download all these games so that you do not stay with the desire. Surely one of them will become your new hobby. Above all because they are free and it won’t cost you anything to keep an eye on them.

If you have played a new game this week and want to share it with us, leave us the link in the comment box.