GTA Liberty City Stories for Android

Raise your hand to the one who does not have a ring with GTA, that game that is available on all consoles and platforms that allows you to steal cars in a big way. Grand Theft Auto It is one of the biggest video game icons that in each new installment adds very interesting options to the sandbox and has marked a before and after in this type of video game.

Now, years after its release on PSP (Sony’s laptop), GTA Liberty City Stories comes to Android With an interface completely adapted to touch screens, a game that takes us to the East Coast of the United States (you know that the game does not use real names) and takes us into a very emblematic open world in the GTA universe. Liberty City has been the first 3D city in GTA and despite the fact that the game was already pointing ways when it was still seen from above with its move to 3D it managed to give its definitive leap to fame. Even though GTA 3 hasn’t been widely played (well, not widely played is a bit ironic), GTA climaxed with GTA San Andreas.

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GTA Liberty City Stories for Android

Download GTA Liberty City Stories for Android on sale

If you thought that we were going to provide you with a link to the free GTA APK, you are not in luck since we do not support this type of practice but we warn you that this game has a 40% discount at the launch. Now we can buy GTA Liberty City Stories for only 3.99 euros for Android. You will see how the touch controls are adapted and, in addition to that, some graphic improvements have been added to the story of Toni Cipriani, a great among the greats who must take over the city, as in all deliveries.

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Playing with a Gamepad is the ideal

In addition to having access to the open and emblematic world of GTA, we will enjoy lights and shadows in real time and an improved field vision. Also added a nice system of cloud autosave so that our game does not jeopardize, the game will be saved in the Rockstar Social Club.

To all this we have to add the compatibility for physical controls and Android TV, it will be perfect to play on our Zidoo X6 Pro with a controller. If you want to take advantage of the offer, go ahead, for 3.99 euros you will have one of the best games that you can enjoy on Android, it is really fun. Already if you play it with a gamepad it will be the milk. Are you going to buy it?

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Download | GTA Liberty City Stories on Google Play