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Gotham Knights – A game world made for collaboration

Gotham Knights – A game world made for collaboration

Gotham Knights, a new production from Warner Bros. Montreal boasts a world that encourages you to explore with a friend.

Gotham Knights is the latest game from Warner Bros. Montreal – studio known for Batman: Arkham Origins. However, unlike this installment, in this year’s title we will not play the role of the Dark Knight. Instead, the main characters will be Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood. You could learn a lot about the game itself last year from my news. You will find a link to it below.

Gotham Knights – information about gameplay without Batman

As Fleur Marty, Executive Producer, announced Gotham Knights, the combat system has been redesigned to be co-operative. At the same time, the production does not differ in terms of mechanics from the previous installments in the series Batman: Arkham and those who have gone through these parts will find certain parts in common in combat. You will be able to complete the entire game by playing with the two of you. We will decide who we play in Belfry, the headquarters of the four heroes. What’s more, if we don’t want to, we won’t have to switch to another character throughout the game. Cooperation is also optional and if we prefer to play alone, then we will be able to do so – in this case, artificial intelligence will play another member of the team.

The story depicted in Gotham Knights will be an original screenplay written by Warner Bros. Montreal. The story stands out from the one we followed in the series Batman: Arkham, but also from the one presented in comics and movies. According to Patrick Redding, Creative Director, the studio’s dream was to be free to create the fate and story of Gotham. The team behind the described game has been associated with the universe from an early age – as soon as they were able to read comics and spoke warmly about their current cooperation with the DC Comics publishing house. As Redding put it, DC encouraged them to stick with their vision and build the game they had planned. This applies to the location of the plot in the timeline, among other things. Batman has been around for 15 years, so petty criminals live in constant fear of meeting the Dark Knight. Of course, this does not prevent the big villains from devising plans to get rid of Batman, and the situation is not made easier by the murder of Commissioner Gordon – a longtime friend and contact of the detective. The GCPD is in turmoil and corruption is rampant like never before.

Playing the role of four heroes, we will have to bring order to each of the five districts that make up Gotham. Each of them is controlled by a different main opponent, such as Mr. Freeze. In addition, we will have to face the threat of an age-old organization calling itself the Court of Owls (it first appeared in a 2011 comic). In private, I will be surprised if we do not have to fight the Claws, but we will find out the truth after the premiere Gotham Knights.
Redding also mentioned the city’s architecture. It is full of alleys and roofs on which we can walk – therefore the gameplay must provide adequate opportunities to cover the distance. This is facilitated by a two-person game, thanks to which nothing that Gotham hides will be able to defeat us. Warner Bros. Montreal has made sure that moving and fighting is just as enjoyable, regardless of whether we are playing in two people or alone.

Gotham Knights The exact release date has not yet been determined, but it is known that the production is to be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. The title will be an action RPG game in which we will gain new skills and equipment for our characters – including alternative outfits. The story progression will be common to each hero, and thus – we will not have to develop characters from scratch, switching to other characters in Belfry. Opponents operating in Gotham will have a level that will scale to ours. Thanks to this, the creators will encourage us to experiment with the skills and styles of the game. It remains to wait for more information. Rest assured that I will let you know when there are new dedicated messages Gotham Knights.

Source: GamesRadar