Google works on new smart features for the next version of Android

Although it may give the impression that Android 7.0 Nougat has just arrived, the truth is that probably, during the next Google I / O conference that will take place in May, Google will announce a new version that would correspond to Android 8.

Little is known about the next version of Android however, now a new leak points out that Google is working on some new smart assistive features for Android that could come in the next big update.

According to the information published by the VentureBeat website, Google is developing a feature called Copy Less. The goal of this new feature is to reduce the act of copying and pasting content between applications.

To show how it works, the anonymous source consulted cites an example of how this feature would work in a text chat between two people about where to go to dinner. A person sees a restaurant with a good review on Yelp and types “is at” in the messaging app. The «Copy Less» function enter and automatically paste the address of that restaurant, which can now be sent to the friend. What is not clear if Copy Less would be added to Google’s Gboard keyboard or to Android itself.

The same source points out that Google is working on new smart messaging features, including one according to which Android would be capable of recognize when you write an address and convert that text into a link that directly opens the location on Google Maps.

Lastly, the VentureBeat report states that they are also developing new gestures to use with your finger that could allow special shortcuts. An example: if a person uses their finger on the smartphone screen to draw the letter “C”, Android would recognize there a command to open the user’s contact list. This novelty has already been implemented by Huawei in some of its Android smartphones, such as the Mate 9.

On May 17 we will see how much is true in all this.