Google will let you create your unique player profile on Google Play Games

Two years ago we learned that Google was looking for a way to boost gaming from an Android device with the launch of a great novelty that was Google Play Games. The truth is that right now we find ourselves in a great moment in terms of video games on Android with the launch of incredible bets such as Clash Royale, the arrival of Nintendo next month and the ideals of the great Blizzard of approaching the devices phones sooner rather than later. Nor can we forget Bethesda, which with Fallout Shelter surprised us all for its foray into Android and iOS with a great video game. Now Google does not want to lose this trend and has included a series of improvements to that service with which it wants to become a kind of Steam in which users are able to have their avatar and unique user profile.

And that is exactly what the new update to Google Play Games is about, create your own unique user profile in order to use it in the titles where you venture with that typical avatar of other platforms and video games. The truth is that this new version was well needed, since until now the Google Play Games profile used to be your own name, something that in itself can be a bit boring when we have the possibility of creating our alter ego in those exciting worlds full of adventures, combats and puzzles of all types and colors. It is from these same lines that we promote gaming with a wide variety of them on the weekend and that are among the best of the moment in all kinds of categories.

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Your unique user profile

for the next few days we will have the new update coming to our terminals and that will enable us to create a unique profile with which we can start from Google Play Games. Existing users will be prompted to create a user profile the next time they log into a game. Google maintains that it can also be done from the Google Play Games app itself, an option that is not yet active in case you give it a try.

Your unique profile or ID can be set to private or public, just like it has been up to now. There are 40 default avatars that can be chosen to create your unique profile or ID as you can see in the animated GIF shared by Google itself. Anyway, I recommend that you install the latest version of Google Play Games (you have the APK at the end of this entry), since Google usually releases updates in phases, so you may be lucky that your account is one of them, in order to create your ID and select one of those 40 avatars.

You will not need to log in

Another of the biggest advantages that come with this new update, as we announced not long ago, is that you will not need to log in Just as it has been happening with all those games in which you had to choose the Google account and accept a series of permissions before being able to access certain features such as cloud saving or achievements.

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So, once you have connected Play Games to your account, you will no longer go through that pop-up asking you for certain permissions to be able to sign in with your Google account. This It will come in handy for developers., since more players will log in to Play Games, which will bring them better statistics and, at the same time, more income, although this will be the case if the user activates payments without having to confirm them from settings.

With this move Google wants to promote Play Games so that it is the hub or center from which we can sting with friends when knowing their achievements or where we can know what games they are addicting to. We will also see more news in this regard, since games on an Android mobile device are becoming more and more important.

Download the APK from Google Play Games

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