Google Play is down: what to do

Crashes in Android applications are common. Also, it is something that can happen with any app on the phone. Also the Google Play Store can suffer from problems on occasion, such as being dropped. This is something that surely most people already know or have suffered at some time. What to do when the Google Play Store is down?

There are a number of solutions that we can try in this regard, which will help us to solve this problem. If there is a crash of the Google Play Store, then we can make everything work fine again. In addition, these are a series of simple solutions that will not take too much time or that will be too complicated to carry out.

We have compiled a series of solutions that will be of help to Android users suffering from this problem. It is not uncommon for Google Play to crash, but when this happens many users do not know what to do. Luckily, there are a series of fairly common and simple solutions that will help us solve this error in the Android application. So in a matter of a few minutes everything should be solved and you should have access to the app store again on your mobile. In addition, they are solutions that will work on both phones and tablets with Android.

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Google servers are down

The reason why there is a crash in Google Play may be that there is a problem with the Google servers. One of the first checks to make is to know if it is our problem or Google’s, since this will have a clear influence when applying solutions. A server crash is something that can cause Google apps on Android to not work, in this case the app store. That’s why the crash message comes out.

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We can use web pages like Downdetector, where to see if Google is the cause of this problem. It shows us if there is a crash of Google servers. This could be the cause of the crash of Google Play at that time, so we have already been able to find out the reason why the app store does not work on Android. In addition, this website also allows us to see if it is a problem that affects the area in which we live, so we can see if it is a local or global problem.

If it’s a Google Play server crash, there’s nothing we can do. That is, we have to wait for Google itself to fix this bug and for everything to work fine again. This is something that can take hours in some cases, so just be patient now.

Internet connection

A common cause of problems with apps on Android is if we have a bad internet connection. It may be that Google Play is not down, but rather that our Internet connection is having problems and that we cannot use the application store on the mobile. So it is something that we must check in these cases. Since it could be the real cause of these issues on Android. We can check for problems with the connection in several ways:

  • use other apps: If you use other apps that need internet connection on Android and these apps have no problems, you can at least rule out that your internet connection is the cause of this problem.
  • switch connection: On the other hand, you can try using another Internet connection at that time. If you are using WiFi, switch to using mobile data or vice versa. It is possible that the cause of this error is precisely your connection or network. If WiFi is the problem, try restarting the router to get everything working fine again.
  • speed test: If you want to be sure that everything works fine, you can do a speed test if you notice that your connection is a bit slow. This is something that you can do on the phone itself and thus see the real speed at which you are browsing at that moment on your phone.
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These are simple solutions, but they will allow us to see if the problem is caused by your Internet connection. On many occasions the problems with apps on Android have their origin in said connection, so it is something that we must check in all cases.

restart your phone

It is possible that this crash of Google Play has its origin in a failure in a process of the phone or the app. There are many processes running on our Android phone and it is not uncommon that at some point there is an error in one of them. The consequence is that then the app or the phone will malfunction. In this case we get that message that tells us that the application store has fallen. So we can restart the phone to fix this.

Rebooting the phone is a very simple solution, but it works very well when faced with problems on Android. Since if the error has occurred in any of these processes, when we restart the phone, the device processes are restarted. So that process in which the failure occurred will be restarted as well. Below we can then see if the app store is working fine or not. In many cases, it is likely that when we have restarted the phone that if we open Google Play there will no longer be this crash or that message will appear, but we will be able to use the store normally.

Clear Google Play Cache

The cache is a memory that accumulates as we use the applications on the phone. It also builds as we use the Google Play Store on Android. Accumulating cache is a positive thing on the one hand, because it helps the app run more smoothly or open faster on the device. On the other hand, it can have a negative effect, because if a large amount of cache accumulates, it can be corrupted and when this happens, problems with an app can arise.

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Performance problems in an app are something that can be caused by a cache that has been corrupted. So something we can do is to clear said cache of the app, in this case from the Google Play Store. This may solve the problem. The steps to follow to do this are:

  1. Open the settings of your Android phone.
  2. Go to Applications.
  3. Find the Google Play Store in the list of all apps installed on the phone.
  4. Enter the app.
  5. Go to the Memory section.
  6. Tap the option that says Clear data and cache (or just clear cache).
  7. Confirm this action.

With these steps we have already eliminated the cache of the Play Store on Android. The application may now work normally on the phone, that is, there is no such crash, nor does it give us that message that it has crashed. When the cache has been cleared, the first time we open the app we will see that it opens a little more slowly. As cache builds up again, this will improve and run more and more smoothly.

update the store

A message saying that there is a crash in Google Play may have its origin in the version that we use of the store on Android. Many times if we don’t update the store they can operating problems with it, something that could be happening right now. For this reason, something as simple as checking if we can update the store can help us to ensure that everything will work well with it again.

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So we have to check if we are using the latest version of the Google Play Store on our phone or tablet. If this is the case, it may not be the problem. If there is a new version available from the store, we can update then and hope that the bug that was occurring until now has been fixed. We should be able to use the store again on the phone without getting that crashed message.

Secondly, you have to take into account when these problems started. That is, if this message that says that there is a Google Play crash has appeared after updating the app to a new version. This is something that can happen sometimes. If this is the case, you can either roll back to the previous version or wait for Google to fix the bug. If it happens to us, it is possible that more users on Android are having this problem too. So the company will soon release an update that corrects this error.