Google gives away a LEGO Kit, find out how to get it

If you get some LEGO pieces at home, don’t be surprised, because Google gives away a LEGO Parts Kit to Project Fi subscribers, your phone service. What can we do with these LEGO pieces? Many interesting things, but above all to create a charging base with these pieces if we follow the instructions we will receive well. Could there be a more original dock than this one? We expand with more data:

Why is Google giving away a LEGO Kit?

Google gives away a LEGO Kit, find out how to get it

If there’s a knock on your door and it’s Google’s behalf, you might be one of the lucky ones to receive this LEGO pieces kit that he haunts. 2 purposes:

  • Congratulations on subscribing to Project Fi.
  • Assemble your own dock or base to hold your mobile with LEGO pieces (the most original charging base possible and with which we will save a few euros).
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Without a doubt this gift is really comical. And to receive it, you have to have subscribed to Project Fi, which is still in experimental phase and by invitation, it is valid only with Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Nexus 6, that is to say, the newest of the Nexus family.

How do I subscribe to Project Fi? We have already tried to subscribe to Project Fi for our Nexus 6 here, and we are awaiting receive the invitation. We will have to enter the CP, and wait to receive news in the mail.

Google bets strongly on Project Fi

It is clear that it is not a gift from the other world, but less gives a stone and if Google sends it to us it could not be a better gift. In this way, Google searches reward users who want to have the Project Fi service, and who really want to be aware of all the news.

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On the box with the LEGO pieces, we can see the signature of Project Fi, in addition to the colors of the pieces that correspond to this Google project.

From now on, if they knock on your door and you are subscribed, get ready to receive your kit of parts and assemble the base for your mobile. You can always share the photo of the result with Google! A funny initiative, without a doubt. What do you think of this that Google has done?

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