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Get to know the applications that should not be missing on your mobile to celebrate the New Year

Get to know the applications that should not be missing on your mobile to celebrate the New Year

Are you one of those people who uses your mobile for everything? Surely you also do it for the end of the year parties. And it is that just as we present you the 3 applications to prepare the best New Year’s Eve party, today we bring you the applications that you cannot stop having on your smartphone to celebrate the New Year. Continue reading and find out much more.

New Year chimes

You no longer need a television or a radio to listen to the chimes of the end of the year. with this app you will be able to hear the famous bells that say goodbye to the year. The app offers the countdown to know how much is left until the New Year arrives. It also has precise instructions for all the typical New Year’s Eve rituals, such as eating the grapes.

you can also schedule the app to turn on a few minutes before the end of the year or when you decide. This way you will receive notifications when the New Year is near. So just install the application, open it or program it and wait for the arrival of 2019 with your mobile screen on.

Download this application from the link that you will see below.


Buying fireworks for the end of the year celebration can be very expensive and dangerous. That is why we present this application to you. This app is also ideal if you are going to be in a place where you cannot handle fireworks. With her you can simulate a great explosion of lights and colors. In addition to hearing the sound of these explosions as if you were doing it live.

The 4 best applications to celebrate the New Year

These fireworks can be generated directly. How? Setting them as an animated wallpaper in which you will see a modern city lit by pyrotechnics. These fires will move randomly on the mobile screen. Another option is to shoot the fireworks manually just by touching the screen. Also you can choose the flash style and the color of the explosions.

You can download this app from google play following this link.

my cocktail bar

If you want to surprise your guests during the New Year’s Eve parties by being a cocktail professional, this app is ideal. Delight everyone by preparing the best Margarita or the best Cosmopolitan and even the most traditional cocktails. And best of all, you can do it without spending money buying a recipe book. The app puts at your disposal more than 9,000 recipes for different drinks.

You can also decide which cocktail to prepare depending on the drinks or ingredients you have. And if you have a specific liquor, you will be able to locate the exact cocktails that you can prepare using it. Also you can create your own cocktails and upload them to the application. Undoubtedly a very good option for these parties.

If you want to have this application, just download it from the link that we share below.