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Get the best Android TV for only €58

Get the best Android TV for only €58

Some time ago we were able to thoroughly test the Xiaomi Mi Box, the first Android TV of the Chinese firm certified by Google. After very good years with Xiaomi, it has launched the renewal of this TV Box, the Mi Box S.

This new Android TV is more powerful than the previous one and also offers some advantages that you won’t be able to find in the first version. The new Xiaomi Mi Box S enjoys Integrated Google Assistant and a renewed control, with a button for Netflix included, do you want to know more?

Xiaomi Mi Box S: a real Android TV

The Xiaomi Mi Box S is one of the few devices on the market that has Android TV certified by Google. This means that your interface is 100% adapted to use on TVas well as all the apps that you will download from the Google Play Store.

Unlike other TV Boxes, this one is only compatible with applications designed for Android TV. It has a lot of power, it is very comfortable and it offers us total compatibility with our TV. Yes, we can also install apps on Android TV that are not in the Play Storeand root is not needed.

Features of the Xiaomi Mi Box S

This TV Box is suitable for playing content on 4K HDR at 60fps without any problem, and without lag. In addition to that it offers output Dolby DTS through the HDMI port. It weighs 147 grams and has dimensions of 95.25 x 95.25mm x 16.7mm.

Another interesting detail is that it mounts a dedicated button for Google Assistant and another designed for Netflix. Don’t forget that Android TVs come with integrated Chromecast software, not like other TV Boxes. You can use your mobile to share the screen without problem, you can even use HBO.

How to get the Mi Box S for €58?

If you want to get the Mi Box S for only €58, you just have to go to Banggood and get one. Shipping is free and it usually doesn’t take long to arrive. East 34% discount is available for a limited number of units.