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Get a Pocophone for only €258 with shipping from Spain

Get a Pocophone for only €258 with shipping from Spain

We know that having a phone go fast It’s essential. For many, the fact that it is ceramic or has the best camera on the market is not the most important thing, and it is normal. Now you can get a Pocophone at global version for only €258 with the best conditions.

The Xiaomi Pocophone is exactly that. A phone with a good camera (although not as powerful as the Mi 8), autonomy to stop a train (4000 mAh) and with the most powerful processor on the market. Thanks to the renunciation of certain premium materials we gain lighter and we have a lower price.

Now, the Pocophone for only €258 from Spain

If you need a Pocophone we have found the best offer currently on the net, for only €258 with shipping from Spain (in 1, 2 days at home) and with a 2-year guarantee and SAT here.

How about? In case you don’t know what’s inside, here are the specifications of this Xiaomi beast.

As to connectivity It comes very well equipped: dual-band WiFi AC, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS + Glonass, Dual-SIM with 4G compatible with all bands (since it is the global version), USB C port and 3.5 mm headphone jack .

How to get the Pocophone F1 for this price?

If you want to get yours for only 258 euros open your ears wide because it is very easy. you just have to enter through the following button and ready. The discount will be applied automatically in the shopping cart (as you can see in the image). No coupon is required.

You will see a price of €267 but it will go down to only €258 with free shipping As soon as you go through the purchase process. In the picture you can see what it has 2 years warrantyso that you have no doubts.