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Get 20 euros discount on the OnePlus 6T, guaranteed!

Get 20 euros discount on the OnePlus 6T, guaranteed!

The OnePlus 6T and its features have left us speechless especially due to its low price. For this reason, you may not want to wait a minute and be the first to buy it. If so, wait a second: we have nothing more and nothing less than a 20 euro coupon just for you.

In case you do not know, this new model has not increased its price but the RAM and storage configurations have. Best of all, thanks to this discount it stays, more or less, at the initial price of the original version, what more could you ask for?

Buy your OnePlus 6T at a discount (529 euros)

The first thing we should tell you is that this offer is from the same OnePlus website. You don’t have to go around with weird pages that may not give such good support later. The official prices with the discount applied are quite juicy.

This discount also applies to all official accessories of the brand so, if you plan to buy a cover, it can be a very good way to save yourself a good pinch. It is also a good time to go from OnePlus 6 to 6T, it is true that the changes are not abysmal but this coupon can make you look at things with different eyes.

What does this OnePlus 6T bring new?

In case you are not sure, here is its specification sheet. And yes, you have not read wrong, it has the latest of the latest and its price does not reflect it so much.

From the link above you can redeem this discount in your OnePlus account and do whatever you want with it. Do you plan to buy this OnePlus 6T on the day of its launch with this discount?