Galaxy S9 design confirmed

Once again we are talking about Samsung and the next flagship that will hit the market during the first quarter of next year. At this point, we have already presented different renders about How will the next Galaxy S9 be?, but with today, we can confirm that it will be as shown in the image that heads this article.

Forbes has published an image that shows us what the next Galaxy S9 will look like. To create this render, Forbes has relied on all the indications that have been provided by both from the assembly line as well as from the cover manufacturer Ghostek, who has already leaked what the Galaxy S8 would be like.

Bearing in mind that Ghostek is not the first time, nor does it seem that it will be the last, that it has “prior” access to the design of the next Samsung terminal, we can already get an idea of ​​what the Galaxy S9 will be like, a Galaxy S9 that aesthetically it does not differ much from the Galaxy S8, so aesthetically it will cost us a lot to differentiate them unless we look at the back, where the fingerprint sensor, if it will be found at the bottom of the camera, located in the central part of the device.

It also seems to confirm that the Korean firm wants to take the same path as Apple, with the Plus range, offering the two cameras only in the largest model, the S9+, a strategy that may be counterproductive for the company, since the majority of high-end terminals on the market in Android, already offer us the double camera, and not implementing it in a model that exceeds 800 euros, many lovers of the company may not find it funny. Although if it integrates the same blur system when taking portraits, things may continue to go from strength to strength at Samsung.