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Fuchsia launches a web portal for developers

Fuchsia launches a web portal for developers

Google has been working on Fuchsia for a long time. One of the latest news we had about it was that it was already compatible with Android applications. The secrecy around this operating system is remarkable, although little by little it is advancing. Google now launches a website for developers. This development portal is now official and open.

Google has already opened it officially, as you can see in this link. In it, we can already see everything necessary to better understand what Fuchsia is. Especially the way it works, since it is different from other operating systems. Or have data on what development languages ​​it supports.

for now it is not a portal from which we can extract too much information. Since all the information that we find in this portal about Fuchsia is for developers. Although at least it is a good step, which is warning that this operating system is moving forward and its launch is getting closer.

Although so far there is still no information on when it will be officially launched. Google has made it clear not to be in too much of a hurry with this operating system. So we can still wait a while until it is released.

It is a project of enormous importance for the company. It has long been rumored that Fuchsia wouldn’t just be used on phones, something that has already been with an Honor phone. The company would test using this operating system on more devices, such as laptops, among others. They would seek to create an entire ecosystem.

The fact that there is already a portal for developers may mean that soon it will be possible to start working now on applications that will work in Fuchsia, or how to make current applications work on this operating system. In any case, we hope to know more in the near future.