Free iTunes Radio for Android?

Want iTunes Radio free for Android? Until now, you can enjoy the service at zero cost, but be careful, because as of January 29 it will no longer be free and we will have to go through the checkout if we want to continue enjoying the service. Apple financed it with advertising, but what was given is over, because now it is will integrate with Apple Music, so non-subscriber users will have to go through the box to continue enjoying their favorite stations.

Will iTunes Radio free for Android be possible?

Up to now we can get iTunes Radio for free, but not for Android or at least not natively just by downloading an application from Google Play. Remember that this service allows us to enjoy many open stations, at no cost, and that can be listened to from iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV.

Why is it no longer free? Because will integrate with Apple Music, in order to be stronger and enjoy the service with the full batch. And by the way, that the users who pay enjoy it, and those who do not, that they go through the box if they want to continue enjoying the best stations. This has its good side, because if everything goes well, the Android users can enjoy it through Apple Music, without paying anything more to seniors if they are already subscribers.

It will be from January 29 henceforth when iTunes Radio is no longer free as such. From that day on, only subscribers to the Apple Music service will be able to continue using it. iTunes Radio will no longer be free, despite working like this since 2013.

Beats 1 will remain free

The free option that remains right now is Beats 1, which will remain free for all. Or else, pay for the subscription of the 9.99 euros per month.

The integration with Apple Music will allow us to enjoy iTunes Radio on AndroidAt least that’s what the rumors tell us, since Apple has not made it official yet. It is fair that Android users who pay 9.99 euros for the service, finally have iTunes Radio natively. We will not have to pay anything more than the subscription fee, which we already pay as subscribers to Apple Music. We already told you how to enjoy Apple Music for free, so it may be useful for you.

What do you think about the news? Disappointed with Apple? We will tell you more about the subject when we have new data, for now everything is green. We will see what happens on January 29.

Via | Techcrunch