Fortnite Week 1 Challenges (Season 8) – Missions and locations

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 8 has arrived! We have already told you all the news that have arrived this season: Skins and map changes, and patch notes. Now we bring you the first week of challenges. One more season we will bring you the missions and all the locations.

Challenges of Week 1 – Season 8

The new season premieres new design in the missions menu, but the structure is preserved. We will continue to have three free missions and four missions for Battle Pass holders. Next we will discuss what the challenges are and we offer you all the locations that need to be completed.

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Visit all the pirate camps

The pirates have arrived Fortnite: Battle Royale and have settled with camps scattered throughout the map. Wouldn’t it be rude not to pay them a visit? Well that’s what this mission is about: Visit 7 pirate camps.


Register chests in Ciudad Comercio and Chiringuito Chatarra

We will have to register until 7 chests in designated locations. As always, it doesn’t matter if we decide to mix the locations chests. As long as it is in the designated places, the counter will increase.

Deal damage with …

First phase mission of the season! This time we will have to deal damage with certain weapons, which we specify below:

  • Phase 1: Shotguns and explosive weapons in the same game.
  • Phase 2: Pistols and assault rifles.
  • Phase 3: Submachine guns and sniper rifles.
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Visit a giant face in the desert, jungle and snow

In the mapping of Fortnite: Battle Royale they have appeared three faces on three different mountains. Find them and visit them! Luckily, at PureGaming we show you where they are and what they look like.


Use a volcanic vent in different games

The volcanic vents are new. We will have to use 5 vents in different games. That is: At least one per game for 5 games.


Get an elimination with a shotgun, assault rifle, and explosive weapon

In this mission we need to carry out 3 eliminations, one with each mentioned weapon: Shotgun, assault rifle and explosive weapon.

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Deal damage to a vehicle driven by an opponent

We will have to deal 200 damage to a vehicle driven by an opponent. No matter what vehicle it is, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Once all the Challenges of Week 1 are finished …

The reward for completing the Week 1 challenges can be found in one of the new locations: The Pirate Port. Once there, we will have to look for the Bell tower. The reward will be on it.


What do you think of the challenges of Week 1? Do you think it was a good start? What do you think of the start of the season? Tell us in comments and good luck to all.

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