Fortnite: The First Meteor Fragments Are Falling!

The end has come, brothers and sisters! We have been speculating about the meteor and your arrival. We can stop speculating: the end is near.

The first fragments of the great meteorite are falling on the Fortnite mapping

Below you can see how a piece of rock hits in front of a player during a game 50 Vs 50. At first glance it cannot be seen, but it is enough to stop the video at the right moment to appreciate it: a rock engulfed in fire impacting against the building.

⚠✔Meteorites are currently falling on Fortnite✔⚠

– Fortnite Info (@FortniteEsp_) April 26, 2018

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Have you managed to see it? Can’t you capture the exact moment? Don’t worry, in Puregaming we are the fastest in the west. Here we leave you an image of the exact frame.

Yes, we know what you are thinking. We know it would have been more epic to have fallen on his head. However, this raises questions: Do they fall randomly?, Are they lethal?, Do you offer loot?, Does it really mean that it is a meteorite that is going to end everything … Chopped floors? We do not know. What we know for sure is that we will see many more videos like this and that Epic games you are creating something great.

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What do you think? When do you think the meteor will fall? Will it fall during a random game or will it be an event that will be repeated randomly? Tell us what you think in comments.