Fortnite Season 8: This is all that its v8.00 Update brings

Arrrr, pirate! The Fortnite Season 8! The theme this time revolves around the pirates Here you have more information about the new content: skins, challenges, weapons… and much more!

The Season 8 bring one big update v8.00 that makes numerous changes and adjustments in the different game modes: Battle Royale, Creative Mode and Save the World. New weapons, locations, modes, heroes, changes… and surely the odd surprise that Epic games be kept up your sleeve for the next few weeks. Also, some return game modes and new ones are introduced. Here you have a summary of all its news:


New Battle Pass – “Battle Royale”

100 new levels with a lot of rewards to unlock, and available for 950 V-Bucks (or free if we have it through the Valentine’s missions)

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Pirate cannon

We are going to have a great time throwing Cannonballs or throwing ourselves in this new weapon. It also serves to destroy structures.

New locations


The earthquake has made some Fortnite island geography changes. Now we have some new places like Summer Steps and Sleepy Stream.


Is about two teams consisting of 50 players. The last team standing will win.

  • Each team has its own battle bus
  • The map shows the battle lines of both teams
  • Collecting materials provides 25% more than usual
  • More chests and ammo boxes appear, and their content is greater.
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This game mode is designed to fight at close range. This is a normal game but with some changes:

  • Players start with a jetpack in inventory.
  • We will only find shotguns on the map
  • The storm is moving faster than usual


  • Pirate cannon
    • We can fire cannonballs or … to ourselves!
    • Shoot from a great distance. All that we shoot can pass through objects and explodes upon landing, dealing damage and knocking back players.
    • A direct hit deals 100 damage, while a hit within radius deals 50 damage.
    • It can be found in the environment.
  • Eliminated
    • Stealthy snowman
    • Fresh pomegranate
    • Stormwing X-4
    • Shopping cart
    • Off-road cart
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  • WASH: Touching the lava deals 1 damage and makes us bounce.
  • VOLCANIC BREATHERS: Volcanic vents lift players and vehicles up with a blast of air
  • Infinite Dab duration increased from 11 to 12 hours.
  • The cozy campfire now glows if we look at it with a thermal sight.
  • If we want to put a trap, the necessary structures will be built automatically to place it.


  • Sound enhancements for footsteps.
    • It is easier to distinguish the footprints on higher floors.
    • The distance at which footsteps are heard on the floors above and below is now more realistic.
  • Improvements in sound synchronization steps when the game is heavily loaded.
  • Adjusted the sound spatialization player in dejected state.
  • Have been added stereo sounds for all equipped weapons.
  • Added a audio feedback when crouching or pointing.
  • Improvements in rocket launcher sound to warn when a shot is approaching.
  • Adjustments in distance from enemy delta wing sound.
  • Sound enhancements damage and eliminations.
  • New sound of shield break.
  • Volume increase for the sound of destruction of structures by the enemy.
  • Sound improvements weak point when collecting materials.
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  • Now we can access the patch notes from the news section.
  • Visual enhancements for squadmate names and flags.
  • Improvements in world markers.
    • Now they become visible if they are close to the players
    • By double clicking the marker button, it will be marked as a danger sign. They also work with markers when aiming a weapon.
    • Indicators have been added to the 2D interface to make it easier to see through objects.
    • Markers now indicate off-screen how far away they are from the character.
    • Placing a marker on an item displays the icon and its rarity.
  • Added a filters for loading screens and animated pets.
  • Added a corner icon for some animated customizables.
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Voice chat update

Have been added chat improvements on the creative island. Now we can make independent channels to talk to our friends

New theme: Temple of the Jungle


These new models include several types of traps that will enhance all our creativity creating temples and deadly tests.

Playground update

Now Playground moves to Creative mode so we can play with more friends.


  • Now we can customize time which we play on the islands.
  • It can be added using the option “Time of the day
  • The day will advance by default if we do not modify anything
  • It can be configured so that the day does not change time
  • There is the option “random”So that the map is played at a different time each time.
  • Island loading times improvements
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  • New creative volcano island
  • New center island creativor
  • New playground that admits up to 16 players and lets explore 4 outstanding islands. It can also be played on the Battle Royale map for practice.
  • New galleries of jungle temple
  • New gallery of XL display
  • Added the start inventory, fresh pomegranates and the alternative town set



  • Improvements in resize mode
    • Objects can now be stretched or squashed
    • Objects can be flipped
    • Object size can be reset to original
  • Now they can embed objects to terrain
  • New visual aids
    • The “center” position of objects
    • Rotation axis of objects
    • Direction in which the object will zoom, rotate …
  • Now you can to interact with the objects and the doors as we fly
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  • 5 new prefabricated buildings
    • Great pyramid
    • Pyramid
    • Courtyard
    • Temple
    • Shrine A
    • Shrine B
  • 4 new temple galleries
    • Jungle temple
    • Jungle Temple Items
    • Jungle nature
    • Extended gallery of jungle temple walls
  • New gallery of elemental cubes
  • 5 new galleries of differently colored bridge beams
    • Orange, gray, green, white and blue
  • New Ring Gallery
  • XL Visualizer Gallery
  • New large environmental gallery
  • 8 new colors for the obstacle course gallery
    • White, orange, black, blue, purple, grip tape, red and green
  • New gallery of obstacle course stairs


  • Billboard: we can write on it and place it on our islands
  • Pirate cannon
  • Bumper and pinball launcher
  • New options for the barrier device
  • Vertical Speed ​​Boost Traps
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Fortnite Season 8: This is all that its v8.00 Update brings

  • New Hero Gear System
  • Love storm
  • Plank Town visual update


  • New Beta Storm Mission: Eliminate and gather!
    • Lasts 10 minutes
    • It will be necessary to eliminate the brains and gather their data. The more the merrier.
    • There will be random bonus goals
  • More XP rewards Hero, Blueprint, and Mission Survivor in Plank Town, Canny Valley, and Twisted Peaks.
  • Winter bonuses removed (those that remain turn into winter flames).
  • Introduced the spring bonds in the Storm missions.
  • You can buy them legendary troll supply flames for 1000 spring bonuses.


  • Updated on progress panel in the collection book when the player’s level is less than the maximum level acquired.
  • Smaller size in artifact descriptions
  • Removed “Cannot place” messages for obstacles and buildings.
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  • New system hero team: Hero Perks will no longer be fixed from now on. They can be combined to create the advantages that best suit our style of play.
  • 8 new heroes
    • Awarded as a reward for completing new missions
  • All players will receive a gift box upon login. Includes Hero XP, Evolution Materials, Legendary Flux, Hero Recruitment Coupons, and Training Manuals.
  • Various adjustments to the balance of heroes’ abilities to adapt them to your new models


  • Returns the heartbreaker crossbow
  • The freezing trap is now 25% vulnerable regardless of item.
  • The flames piñatas now include epic and legendary weapons from Vindertech
  • Removed the daily coins
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  • New Lakeshore Biome and autumn colors for urban, industrial and suburban areas. They can be seen in Plank City, Canny Valley and Twisted Peaks.
  • The “squad” tab is no longer visible from the game inventory
  • Aerial turret: impact damage has been reduced
  • Settings in proximity mine
  • Stability when laying tracks
  • Adjustments in driftboards


  • Storm of love: Poison bombers now spawn in starting areas

Fortnite Season 8: This is all that its v8.00 Update brings


  • Updated tracks music forest
  • New soundtrack for the lake shore
  • Updated sounds and music


  • Decreased loading times
  • Player reporting interface tight and unified for all modes
  • Error correction
  • Data transfer enhancements
  • Performance and stability improvements on PS4
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What do you think of all the changes that season 8 brings? Do you like the pirate theme?