Fortnite receives update V8.01 – Changes and news

Epic Games is back for another week with Fortnite: Battle Royale weekly changes and improvements. Last week the Season 8 arrivalso we enjoy a lot of content. This does not mean that this second week will be less: Treasure Map, new heroes in Save the World, a new mode and important changes in the sound.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

This week’s first big addition to Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is the Limited time mode nicknamed Slip. This new mode is for Duets, we will have suction launchers with infinite ammunition, the friction with the ground reduced (we will skid more), the maximum running speed has been increased and the fall damage eliminated. This results in a fun way in which we will have to make friends with physics to be the last alive. Along with this mode of then, the new object arrives: Buried treasure.

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The Buried Treasure event consists of a map (object) that we will use to locate buried chests along the map. Once we get a map and locate the chest (the ground itself will shine with an X), we will have to dig it up with the pickaxe. After digging up the chest, we can loot it and we will get legendary items. In this chest another map can appear. As additional features: We can only carry one map in inventory, is of legendary rarity and we can find it on the ground or in chests.

In terms of weapons, it has slightly reduced the availability of the Infantry Rifle and Limpet Grenades, and they have pyrotechnic rockets retired. Finally, notable improvements have been made to the sound: The destruction of structures is louder when an enemy does it, the upper and lower steps are better distinguished and changes have been made to specific platforms such as mobile and Nintendo Switch.

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Fortnite: Creative Mode

Creative mode has added an option that many players demanded: Lgraffiti are now saved once they are on. The limit of 3 graffiti has been removed and the impact on the memory they have has been reduced, thus allowing them to be saved. In principle, nor it will affect the performance of our island.


In addition, the drum submachine gun and the tactical, and a series of prefabs:

  • Gallery of elemental cubes, starting with 4 variants of water.
  • Galleries bridge girders with different colors.
  • Galleries obstacle course with different colors.
  • Gallery of oversized display.

Fortnite: Save the World

Last but not least, we have the changes and additions in Save the World. We can only get hold of unity Highland Warrior Wild cat as long as it’s available in the weekly store. Run for this new heroine!

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Finally, different bug fixes: Hero Skills Jonesy Storm no longer blocked, the cooldown of the jump ability bug Leaping mantis has been corrected and now the Visual acuity no longer collides with some objects.

Season 8 Updates

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These are the main changes and additions to the V8.01 patch for Fortnite: Battle Royale. What change do you like the most? And the one you like the least? Tell us in comments.