Fortnite prepares to land in China

What do we know about Fortnite? Above all, that it is a success, it brings together players every day and is one of the most played titles. I don’t know about you, but I personally always have friends online playing the game, whatever time of day I enter. Epic games gave the bell.

As well, Fortnite continues to expand. The famous Battle Royale game and rival of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is preparing a trip, specifically to China. The developer of Epic Games has published on his official twitter an image with Jonesy’s passport, in which you can see that he has a stamp to enter China on the day April 23rd.

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The Battle Bus is taking off!

Destination, China.

– Fortnite (@FortniteGame) April 20, 2018

China is a massive market in almost everything he touches and video games are no exception. Therefore we intuit that Fortnite it will also destroy there. An interesting point is how Fortnite will respond to cheating and hacking, something common in the area.

One thing that escapes us is whether Fortnite will come by itself to China or it will be through an intermediary / partner. In the event that this were the case, the one with the most ballots is Tencent, since it owns the 40% of the shares of Epic Games and has important connections in the country. It is also not known if Fortnite it will be available on all platforms like here, or if it will be implemented all at once.

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Fortnite is a success on consoles, PC and mobile devices

Will Fortnite be a success in China as it is happening in the rest of the world? In our opinion it has a lot of potential to get it. As we well know, China has a lot of player market and we think they will be excited. Anything can happen, but we believe that the most logical thing is this, that of a blow on the table. What do you think about it? Do you think it will be a success or that it will only be in passing?