Fortnite: Battle Royale – They call for the withdrawal of the newly returned Guided Missile

He has barely arrived and they are already asking him to leave. He Guided missile returned a few days ago to Fortnite: Battle RoyaleHowever, many players are requesting its withdrawal due to an important bug that is being exploited.

They call for the withdrawal of the Guided Missile

The Guided Missile was one of the most important novelties of the new Fortnite update: Battle Royale. We all remember this weapon because it was used more for surfing and as an aerial vehicle than as a weapon. After a while, it was removed due to various bugs and constant errors in the gameplay.

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The return of the Guided Missile supposed the correction of previous errors, but the arrival of new ones and a bug that is being widely exploited by users. We are not talking about a bug that occurs 100% of the games, but that occurs more times than it should..

In PureGaming does not support the use of bugs for personal gain. and that is why we would like not to spread it. However, we want to warn other honest players who would never benefit from this bug:

According to reports on Reddit, the Guided Missile becomes invisible on some occasions, which translates into the impossibility of seeing its approach and an assured death.

All this has caused a a lot of players have asked to fix the weapon and even more players to be retired again. We will have to wait to see how Epic Games responds.

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We will follow the case from PureGaming and we will inform you when Epic games speak out and take action on the matter. Meanwhile, you can follow our weekly publications of the Challenges and different updates.

What do you think of this bug? Do you think they should correct or remove the weapon? And that people use the bug for their benefit? Tell us in comments.