Fortnite: Battle Royale Introduces “Reboot Vans” With Patch V.8.30

He patch V.8.30 Fortnite has been released and has brought a new feature that has been rumored for weeks: Restart Vans. If you want to know what it is about and how to use them, keep reading. In addition, we will discuss other highlights of the V.8.30 patch.

The Reboot Vans: Our Last Hope

Fortnite: Battle Royale has introduced the Restart Vans with the V.8.30 patch. These vans come with the reset cards. All vans are in important locations and accessible from anywhere. They work as follows: When a team member dies, the reset card will drop next to the loot. Companions of the fallen can acquire this card in a limited time of 90 seconds and take her to one of the Reboot Vans. It will take us or, 5 seconds pick up the card.

Once in the Restart Van, any player on the team can request the restart of the partner. It doesn’t have to be the one who picked up the card. The duration of interaction with the van will be 10 seconds. After using a reset van, it will enter a cooldown of 120 seconds.

Once restarted, we will return with 100 health, 1 common gun, 36 bullets of light ammunition and 100 wooden. What could be called the basic reset kit.

V.8.30 Patch Highlights

He Buccaneer’s Loot Event has been another of the additions of this patch. This is a limited time mode that changes every day from April 10 to April 15. In addition, the infantry rifle has suffered a nerf: Damage reduced from 40/42 to 38/40. Creative mode has also received new additions, the most prominent being the multiple choice, which allows us to move structures made up of several pieces. The military theme has also reached this mode.

Save the World mode receives the arrival of Kyle Explosives Squad, a hero wearing a blast suit.

Here’s how the new Reboot Vans work, and these are the most prominent additions to Fortnite’s V.8.30 patch! What do you think of the new additions? Do you think that this week Fortnite will be able to satisfy its fans? Tell us in comments.