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Fortnite: Battle Royale – Find the 5 lost spray cans

Fortnite: Battle Royale – Find the 5 lost spray cans

Epic Games changed the challenge system of Fortnite: Battle Royale with the arrival of Season 10. The Challenges of the Week disappeared and now we have a series of thematic challenges. With no weekly challenges, at PureGaming we are changing the way we bring challenges to you. Since the challenges are thematic and not all require a map with the location to solve them, we will bring you specific missions that require it. This will move our challenge posts to a single challenge.

All the challenges of Season 10 of Fortnite: Battle Royale

This time we will show you the locations of the challenge Find the lost spray cans, which is part of the mission series Shoot and Paint. To help us locate all the challenges with images, we will have a highly qualified assistant: The man with a thousand skins, known in PureGaming as Mario Arroyo, our Managing Editor.

Find the 5 lost spray cans

On the mission of find the 5 lost spray cans of Fortnite we will have to search the length and breadth of the map for 5 locations that have been graffiti. Remember that to access this series of challenges you need have the Battle Pass active. Next we will show you one by one the locations. It is not necessary to visit them in a specific order, which means greater flexibility in getting the challenge.

1/5: The first location you must go to to get one of the lost boats will be south of Ostentatious Oasis, specifically in the back of the car dump. The boats are always near the graffiti. You can see the boat in this location in the shade of the tree that we show you in the following image.

2/5: The next boat is in the superhero mansion, north of the desert area and south of Soto Solitario. Once in the mansion, go down through the basement and search behind some metal stairs.

3/5: Following the route that we have planned for you, now you will have to turn west. The new boat is at south of the block, inside the umbrella-shaped crack. It has no loss.

4/5: We’re going to the snow! The penultimate boat is found at the foot of the mountain of the Viking People, specifically in the frozen waterfall. In the same waterfall you will see the graffiti, it will be right behind you, next to a rock, that the boat is. Take a jacket for the cold!

5/5: Last jackpot! We will have to go to Tortuous Tunnels. The location is a series of labyrinthine tunnels, so take a good look at the map that we share with you, because our friend of the thousand skins has been located in the exact place.

Before finishing, we share ALL the locations where we can find boats. We propose this route, but it is not the only one. Once the boats have been taken from the 5 indicated locations, we will have completed the mission of Find the 5 missing spray cans by Fortnite and we can go home … Or perform a Victory Royale … Or die.

Has our publication helped you? Do you already have all the boats? Tell us in comments.